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Your child's future career: what are your hopes?

  • I tell the kiddos that they can be whatever they want to be. I don't measure success in Ph.D.'s (Though I won't complain if that is what makes them happy). One day they want to be Zoologists and the next Bakers. They are so young yet, it really takes a lifetime to develop fully into a person. If they want to be stay at home parents, business owners, teachers, garbage crew... whatever, if they are happy (and hopefully self-sufficient) then I will be proud. That said, I do try to instill financial savviness in each one of them. The foundation we lay today is what will get them through tomorrow... relying solely on a J.O.B. isn't realistic for financial security. I recommend reading "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and paying close attention to teaching finances. Even when we haven't done a perfect job in the past doesn't mean our kids have to repeat our mistakes. (And being the far from perfect Mother that I am... I do encourage my oldest daughter in Ballet because I see POTENTIAL... if she decides later to hate it, I will be sad but it is her decision.)
  • Well,I want my kids to be happy and taking care of theirselves without struggle .I want them to take care of me like I took care of them.If college is not for them I hope they take up a trade.I really hope that My kids proved all the people in the world wrong that told them they will not succeed in life.I hope that God put his wings upon them for the rest of their lives.I hope they find the right woman or man to marry and have children so they can feel the joy they have bought me in my heart,mind,body and soul.
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  • I want my kids to do what makes them happy, but I´ll definitely be encouraging them to think about being their own boss. Since we are going to be homeschooling, I plan to make that part of their curriculum!

    My oldest (2), is very artistic and loves books and reading. He´s already trying to write and sits for hours "reading" books. I hope that continues into adulthood. I won´t push him to be a writer, but since that´s what I do, he´ll have a good model.

    The little guy is one in a week and he is purely physical, climbing and throwing and doing things with his body and showing very little interest in sitting still for any length of time. I´m thinking he might pursue a more active career, like being a soccer player. Who knows.

    My husband is a musician and he is really, really hoping that the boys take up music. It´s been in his family for something like 6 generations!
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  • My wish for my daughter is to be a doctor someday.
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  • My wish for all five of my kids is to find their "niche" in this be able to use their talents and passions in an arena where they can be financially successful and find personal fulfillment.

    My oldest (25) isn't there yet- he has a great job,but it is just that. A great job with good hours and above average pay.

    My 24 yo daughter graduated from college last year with degrees in fashion merchandising and managment, international management,design, and a minor in art. She is already executive level for a great firm and is also already feeling the pressures of the coorporate world. SO...she's not there yet either but is well on her way. I think she will keep pursueing her dream of entrepenureship,she has a clear vison of what she wants to create.

    Kid # 3- 18 yo daughter graduating from HS this year and all set to enter Art School. She's the tortured artist striving for non-conformity. She is also one of the most gifted writers, with a sharp comedic edge to her. She's not ready to acknowlege this gift yet.

    Kid # 4- 16 yo that is so gifted in so many things, academically (in the gifted program),and also as a dancer, actress, and vocally. It's going to be very interresting to watch this one unfold- the skies the limit with her. Right now she wants to be a performer and later own a studio, I hope she will set her sights a little higher, but I do believe she is smart enough to find happiness and success no matter what she chooses to do with her life.

    10 yo- has a passion for theater, but also is showing an interest in sports, and is a very good student. She also has such a confident and bold personality that it blows my mind. I have said since she could talk, this kid is going to grow up to be CEO of something big.

    The one thing I insist upon for all of them is to finish college. ( I know I don't have absolute control here, but I can sure be vocal about it!)

    How lucky and fortunate I am to be a mom!
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  • I think that you can make a good amount of money doing anything if you know how to market yourself. So marketing is something that I will want my son to learn to further whatever he chooses. I don't care if he wants to be a dog trainer or a doctor, as long as he works hard to be the best he can be. My dad pretty much shot down everything I wanted to do by telling me that I wouldn't make enough money or that it would be too hard, yet never had any suggestion of what I should do except go to school. It took me down a long and confusing road that I am now just figuring out. I want my son to know that he really can make money doing whatever he likes if he pursues it to the fullest and thinks outside of the box.
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  • I have beautiful and talented kids, so I would want them to utilize their gifts and talents to become wealthy.
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  • I want my son to be whatever he wants to be, as long as he is happy. I also want him to be a productive member of society. My son is very interested in politics, and he wants to have some type of career as a public servant. I think as parents, all we can do is lead them down the right path and hope that they take the lessons we've taught them and apply them to everyday life.
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