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February 26 - March 4 Fit Goals

  • New week, new goals. Start small. Mark down a doable fitness goal for yourself. For example:

    - I'm going to buy a pedometer

    - I'm going to try a new fitness class.

    - I'm going to walk through my neighborhood two times this week

    - I'm going to work out to a video two times.

    Starting small will help you! I've just proved to myself that by writing down a doable goal and experiencing it propels me to try harder, to step up the next goal. So what are your fitness goals for this week?
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  • Ok here I go then:

    I am going to work out at the Y and meet my new Physical Therapist who is supposed to work me hard and get me strong. Weds.

    Thurs,: If I am not dead from the day before, I will swim

    Friday: I will definitely swim.

    That's as far out as I can plan...but I want to reserve the weekend for some good long walks with my dog (weather permitting) or even swimming outside (weather permitting) if not, it's the indoor pool for me at least once this weekend.

    The thing of it is, my back and my brain really do feel better when I work out. It's just getting past that front door is a killer!
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  • I will work out for a 1/2 hr today. Since Grandpa left it is has been a little tough to get to the gym an work out but I am trying.

    I can not be on the IM tongiht. I am going to a library event for entrpreneurial moms.

    I am headed to Florida for two and half weeks on Monday...WHOO HOO!!!! I can't wait to hit the sun and sand. Me, Nana, and kiddies in tow will be traveling together.

    I will be walking and working out every single day while I am there. Nana will manage kids in the morning. I am counting down until Monday.
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  • ok! another week another goal! this week i might try to make one of them!

    1: When at work, always take the stairs DOWN when possible (not carrying a bunch of stuff, formal group taking the elevator, etc.)

    2. When at work, attempt to take the stairs UP three times a week (this is 5 commercial building flights of stairs!)

    3. Buy new sneakers for walking/treadmilling (this weekend!)

    4. Treadmill/Walk at least 2 days

    5. Yoga/streatch at least 2 days

    so far so good! i took the stairs up and down already today! woohoo! man am i out of shape! but it can only get better if i keep doing it, right?
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  • mo2l- can I come too?!? I hope you have a fantastic time!!

    I won't be IMing either. I don't know why I picked Weds; it's date night with a Cs game.

    I haven't even decided on my goals. Since I did all of my planned abs last week (4/4) I'm going to up it to 5 days. I really feel and see a difference just from a consistent ab workout!

    Cardio 5 days.

    Yoga 4 days.
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  • Yes - of course you can come. Anyone that can make me laugh is always welcome...yes Kate you can come too!
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  • So now it's Friday and I haven't really done jack all week. I did have a good yoga practice last night but...I'm going to be somewhat lame and count my 20 minute hustle from the parking garage to my seat at Wednesday's game as cardio because I had to do it both ways and it was a hustle b/c hubby's legs are twice as long as mine! I haven't done abs but there is a game tonight...eek. I'm sliding but not feeling too bad about it.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 29th February 2008
  • mo2l - thanks for the invite! now is totally the best time to hit FL as not too hot yet!

    mandy - hustling for long walk/stairs with long legged people ALWAYS counts!

    i am excited for my stair taking at work and eating less.... then i went and had happy hour with work people last night and ate TOO MUCH TOFU at lunch today... oh my! but this weekend i am buying new walking/running shoes and setting up my work out room! SO EXCITED! so i will be making up for last nights happy hour and chinese food saltiness this weekend with lots of walking/running!! and crunches! (what can i say, all this talk of seeing abs has me inspired!)
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  • Here I was being a little bummed that it's Friday and I haven't done a lot but since this started two and half weeks ago I've lost 5 lbs. Guess that's not too bad and the kick in the ass I needed to boot!!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 29th February 2008
  • OK, I want to be you, Mandy. You lost 5 pounds????!!!!

    As for my own goals, they went to hell in a handbasket because my back wouldn't behave and I was holed up at home, when I wasn't slaving at work.

    Excuses, excuses. But, I am doing these killer core exercises that my new PT guy has shown me. I swear to god, it's like bearing down for giving birth, only harder. I'm following the rules: 2 sets of 10, or 3 sets when I build up. So far it's just 2 new ones I am doing. My favorite part is the names of these babies: Toe Tap and Confusion.

    Isn't that hilarious??

    Today, if I don't get my period, which, is imminent, I will get to the pool. I am bummed today because my son and DH are headed for the snow. It's a 3 hour drive each way, so Mom is staying home. I can't be in the car for more than 30 minutes at a time. If I drive more than 90 minutes total, I am in bed for 3 days.

    Wish me luck as I amble around the house with my hair standing straight up and my nightgown still on ....

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