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  • Hello everyone,

    I am interested in blogging, but have no clue how to get started. Can anyone recommend a resource for learning the start-up process? What's your best tip for a newbie?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kimm B on 29th February 2008
  • blogging is sooooooo easy! go to and get a free blog site. then write. send people your link!

    now if you want to make money, get comments, have people refer to you, sell anything, etc. that's a little more difficult, but you can't do ANY of that without first doing the top part

    (of course, you could use one of the other blog sites, or your own domain, whatever is easier for you!)

    when you get it setup let us know!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 29th February 2008
  • I'd say make sure you write about something you know for sure. I hemmed and hawed about blogging until I found something that stuck. I wouldn't enjoy it at all if I didn't know what I was talking about. Not that I really know what I'm talking about ;).
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 29th February 2008
  • Thanks so much for the advice! I'll check out and investigate further. I've been a nurse for almost 19 years, and have 4 children, so I'm thinking if I write about something I know, it will include kids and health, or something along those lines. A resource for moms with information about kids' health and wellness, maybe.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kimm B on 29th February 2008
  • Hi Kimm B,

    I am working on setting up my own web page and blog site as well. There are free on-line (short) classes on web paging and blogging at the following site:


    Give them a try.

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  • Sorry,

    Just type

    that will get you there for sure.

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  • I am VERY new too. Thanks for the info!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by ForceBucks on 2nd March 2008
  • I really like my blog's host (also free):

    It is really easy to choose a template and get started. They also have great back-end analytics, which is good once you get started and want to know where readers are coming from and where they are clicking in your site!

    Another idea is to start posting regularly on a site like this to see if you really like blogging. Maybe you only want to blog once in a while at first, and WIM seems ideal for that.

    I invite you to check out my site:

    Miriam, Keppie Careers
  • Hi guys,

    I was going to start a blog too and was looking at GoDaddy. They have some awesome resources and it's about $9 a month.

    I was also looking into Google Adsense to try to develop a little income from the blog. It seems simple enough to get started, but I also know that there are certain things that I should do to increase my revenue. I ordered a $5 DVD from Joel Comm and am hoping to learn a little more info. Not looking for $20,000 a month, but just something to make it worth it and generate some income.

    Anyone know about Adsense??


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  • Thanks everyone, for all of the advice. I'm having fun doing the research. Thanks Miriam for the link to your blog, it's great, and the information about enhancing a profile on LinkedIn was timely for me!

    I'm also interested, like Karen, it any information anyone has about Adsense.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kimm B on 18th March 2008

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