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Do you get enough time off from parenting?

  • Does your SIG give you time to yourself? We have something of an agreement that we kind of "spot" for each other. I'll get a night out to spend with girlfriends. He likes to have a day of to stare at the wall. We do our best to divide the work, but sometimes, because of the nature of our schedule, I feel shafted.
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  • My hubby doesn't offer it.. I have to ask for it, and he's pretty good about saying yes. Since I started my business he's been great about taking care of our little one at night so I can do some networking.

    I don't feel as shafted as I did when our daughter was an infant. I literally couldn't even take a shower without him bringing her in there.. or to the store because he'd call every 5 minutes.
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  • Yes, Suzanne. Me too. It's easier now our DD is older. But, no, I don't get enough time to do my own thing. My SIG gets out a lot in the evenings, but he'll say it's often work-related, so it's not really the same. But I'm like: you're still out of the house! I think he'd be fine with it if I was more determined about having a "get out alone" plan, which I never have time to come up with...

    For inspiration, read this fab new article!!
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  • oooh - me too.

    hubby comes home after 9pm.

    all bed, bath - is done by then

    and if i wanted time off i am too exhausted to take it.

    i get 1 day a week not to come home, and i choose to work late, since i can't find another mum who can get a night off too.

    what do you do to get some time off and come home. if i come home... and he's there... i am still doing everything.
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  • My husband is great at pitching in and helping, but we both tend to not take enough time for ourselves. it's hard when we get home btw 6-630, eat dinner, play a little, then bedtime is at 7:45. If I go workout, I've missed out on interacting with my son for the day. That's the hard part. My husband is the same way, we're both a little nervous about this parenting thing, so we tend to overdo it at times.

    Even still, I realize I need some time for myself. I try not to burden my hubby with this, because he needs time for himself as much as I do. so, when I'm feeling like I haven't had "ME-time" I do one of a few things:

    1. Schedule a haircut (my stylist usually gives me a mini-facial that's a nice 5 minute pampering...)

    2. Read a magazine instead of doing dishes. Sure, there is a good chance I'll still have to do them eventually, but who cares.

    3. Schedule a sitter. One of the luxuries of being a working mom is that there is a little more $$ to go around, right? I will say, after writing this, I realize I need to do this more often... hmmm, where is her number again?
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  • I used to say I never got me time because we are so involoved in so many things BUT technically what IS 'me' time - I count it as anything I enjoy or maybe even choose to do alone. Sometimes that means forgetting about the laundry, dishes and everything else and taking a haldf hour to be silly w/ my son; sometimes it means me going to a club meeting of an organization I am part of or grocery shopping all by myslef. My cold winter nights me time was once a week I used to watch 1 hour of TV - Sex in the City, my husband had a meeting that night and would stay an extra 30 minutes late becuase he hates the show, even if I was folding laundry during it, it was ME time becuase kids was in bed, hubby was out and I could watch the show in peace, uninterrupted-heaven!

    I just discovered a new ME TIME - a massage - event though my son generally goes with me and hangs out in the lounge - it is 30 minutes of 'all about me' - I actually see a massage therapist as recommended by my chiropractor - what a great Doc HE is!

    I have learned a big part of life is perspective - I HATE cleaning, but eventually it gets to a point even I can't stand it so I turn on some big band jazz, crank it up and dance my way through it - the result my son now loves jazz and he and I go to concerts & theatre, something my hubby has no interest in.

    So just keep the whole lemons - lemonade thing in mind!
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  • I only get time for me at now...when everyone is asleep...between my parents who I love, my kids who I adore, my job which is great, my husband who is wonderful, my three dogs that are my sweeties...I collapse into bed and get a little online time to connect with friends -- and make new ones even though I am speeding through life...I know I need to slow down and I do once in a while...I take a bath...I get acupuncture...I get a massage...but that's about it...and thats only every once in a while...
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