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Spring Breeeeaaak!!

  • Hey teachers, My hubby is a 5th grade teacher, and our family schedule pretty much revolves around his work schedule. Is anybody else so ready for spring break that you're just ecstatic to be so close to it?
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  • YES! I get a week off of work too and my kid is doing a great half day, science camp. I get to exercise at a leisurely pace, while, alas my DH has to work. I need the time to myself tho!
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  • Molly: Ugh, so envious of your alone time!!

    Mamajama: my DH teaches also, but he LIVES his work so spring break or no break our lives still revolve around his work schedule! Oh well... Still, it keeps him out of trouble.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 4th March 2008
  • My husband is a grad student. His project ends today which means his spring break, which doesn't offically start until next monday, starts tomorrow. Pidge's spring break is the first week in April.

    Last year I potty trained Pidge over spring break. It was 10 full days where I had complete control of her schedule. I knew she was ready, and we got it done. This year I might try being gluten free. Just as an experiment to see if anything changes.

    This year both spring breaks just seem to be another week. We were planning to go up to the Smokies later this week but the weather is supposed to be cold and damp both here and there. We may as well be at home in the damp and getting things done than being in a cabin and damp. So we're going to do some spring cleaning, paint the bathroom, and plan the landscaping and gardening.
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  • This is my son's spring break, and it will just be the two of us at home all day. I can tell you right now, that top on my son's agenda is make sure I don't work that much. He loves being on the computer, especially when he sees me on the computer. Try typing a blog with your five year old adding extra charactures here and there, or worse, babbling nonsensical letters, phrases, and songs while you are trying to think. It might be a less than productive week. We might have to take a trip to the city and visit a museum, just so we don't drive each other crazy.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Susan on 18th March 2008
  • i love spring break! i dont get to take any time off, but my commute is SO MUCH EASIER with everyone else taking off to care for kids out of school or vacations or whatever... LOVE IT! seriously cuts my commute down by at least 30 minutes a day for two weeks! fantastic
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 19th March 2008
  • Kate I never thought about how great Spring Break is for even those who don't get time off. That's awesome!

    Susan, that's got to be really tough trying to get anything done. Hope you get some good work in and actually get to relax some!

    We're finally on Spring Break this week and we're working on some chores that never get done otherwise. My husband is fixing up a craft room for me in the basement. He got it painted yesterday, and we're going to do touch up and roll out the carpet today. Yay!!! I'm sooo excited!
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  • Coming up this week, a much needed break. Things have changed for me, in terms of my health (not in a happy or good way), so I am fretting that my husband won't be around. Very happy to be able to spend time with my boy though, and hopefully devote much of my time in physical therapy and reconditioning...
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  • My spring break and my (college) daughter's ended up on the same week this year. It was great to have the whole family home for dinner each night and actually have time to cook! I'm feeling a little down about going back on Monday, but I know the rest of the year will be fun and will just fly.

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