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  • I have a confession. I love to watch Fit TV. I love watching the aerobics shows and the step shows, and even the ones where they bounce on the big workout ball...but, I never join in. I'm usually breastfeeding, and something about the movements or the music makes me stop and watch the work out. It definitely makes me feel like even more of a lump sitting there watching these fit people dance around. Well, earlier this week I tuned into the belly dancing show, and could not stop watching. Before I knew it, I was up trying to do the "ethnic shimmy" that they were teaching. Now I'm watching and doing the dance routines every day. I'm just wondering if anybody else is into these fitness shows, and if so how often you work out to them?
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  • I use to work out with Denise Austin when my children were younger and still taking naps. Now I ususaly just go to the gym. Except today I was bad and let the rain from keeping me from going.

    I would love to have a Yoga cd that has music in the background with the yoga posses cued on it. When doing yoga, I don't want to keep looking at the tv screen for the next pose. With a cd, I could take on vacation and still get a work out. Anyone know of one.
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  • Mandy - I just purchased the Turbo jam pack. I woke up at 4:00 a.m. and it there was an commerical on it. I bought the pack of them!! I got free wrist weights. YAY!
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  • I am very very sad. My work out show is gone. Our cable decided to stop carrying fit TV and instead carry the science channel. Don't get me wrong. The science channel is very cool, but I really miss my belly dancing
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