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Who does the cooking in your family?

  • It's almost 100% me with us -- although my husband does clean up afterwards, which is nice. This past week was really nuts for me so he did make split pea soup in our crockpot -- which is SO easy, but I know was kind of a deal for him.

    Who cooks in your family?
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  • I do most of the cooking in my family. My husband and kids(I have teenagers and older) help if I tell them what to do and what we are having. I do almost all the clean up sometimes the girls help me clean up. I do all the grocery shopping and all the meal planning. That is ok I really like doing this.

    Cooking and baking are my stress relief.
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  • I cook, I clean-up, I do the dishes.. he and the kid only eats I don't mind it though because I'm very particular how I run my kitchen.. and I like things in order.
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  • Unfortunately me...
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  • i do dinner, he does bfast. he does do grilling which its a cliche to say is a guy thing but it does seem to be.

    weekends it varies. i do pancakes from scratch or he does french toast (no idea why it happened that way. he'll do pancakes but doesn't do them from scratch (he uses batter blaster organic pancake batter in a can). think too many ingredients / mixing etc. throws him off.

    he also is always responsible for pizza for some reason.
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  • i do most of the cooking. but appreciates help in cleaning after up once in a while.
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  • cooking - all still me, except the sandwiches he makes for himself when he doesn't like what i've made. cleaning - well now, i get him to clean up the kitchen after dinner. i honestly don't have the time or energy to do it because i work 10 hours a day, have a 1.5-hr commute, and am the sole breadwinner. it's taken me years to get him to do it.
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  • I don't ALL of the cooking...though lately he's been cooking the Fish. We makes baked Fish very well.
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  • I am the main cooker in the family. Sometimes it is very challenging! Working all day then going home and figuring out dinner. When will there ever be time for me????
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  • Mostly my husband, because he is an awesome cook! I can cook good too, but he's more talented.
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