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Remembering pregnancy forever

  • What are some ways you are documenting this pregnancy so you'll remember it always?

    Have you considered the 3-D ultrasounds?

    Is anyone journaling? Tried belly casts?
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  • I journaled my first, and took photos every month. With my second, I wanted to do the same, but found it difficult with a toddler and three older stepkids! I was leary of 3-D ultrasounds, and a friend of mine who did a belly cast ended up with plaster stuck to a rather sensitive area that made bikini waxing seem like a walk in the park (plus, I couldn't imagine where I'd put the cast afterwards!)
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lylah M. Alphonse on 9th March 2008
  • I did some journaling for both but it was the photos with the second that make it a wonderful memory (we took monthly photos of the first and posted them to our website for friends and family). The photos from the 2nd pregnancy, though, were done professionally. Some of the photos include my hubby, some my daughter and others with the three of us holding my belly. My girlfriend did the photos and did the most wonderful job. Anyone in the VA area check her out:

    I've the most beautiful book of photos and every time I look at it I feel so fulfilled in that pregnancy (and it was pretty crappy but you can't tell by the photos!!).
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  • Mandy, I just checked out Jess Williamson's website. She has some of the most GORGEOUS maternity portraits! My husband and I live in the DC metro area, and I've been looking for someone to do a portrait (as most of my pictures make me look like a gestating elephant!) :-D

    Since it's Easter weekend, I'm going to paint my belly to look like a giant Easter egg and make my own thank you notes for last weekend's baby shower!
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  • My sister in law has gotten a few of the 3d ultrasounds and they are really neat. You can see the baby great!

    I also just recently had family photos done with me, my husband, my son, and my belly. I think it is great to do.

    I know some people that did the belly plaster thing. It was pretty cool. One of my sisters did one with the families hands on her stomach under the plaster it was really cool.
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  • We have an appointment for a 3D ultrasound, during my 31st week.

    We're also taking a belly profile photo every 2-ish days, in the hopes of animating the whole pregnancy. Here's a preview video of my first 18 weeks:
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