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Is money a big source of stress for you?

  • Would you say that money contributes to significant stress for you or it's just something you manage and deal with?
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  • Of course money is significant stress. We have the mortgage, both of our school loans, the car payment, all the other normal house bills plus the financing on our living room suite, water purification system, etc... Besides that, our daughter needs a new wardrobe every 3-4 months and baby clothes cost way too much for all the wear they get (thank God for consignment stores). I just wish I could get a personal loan to cover all the smaller things to consolidate but they won't give me one big enough so there's not really a point. I'd love to be able to just go to the movies or go shopping without wondering if we have enough money for the month. We haven't been to the movies for at least 3 years now.
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  • yes and no! when we are managing it well and living within our means it isnt stressful... but every once in a while something comes up and we discover we didnt have what we thougth we did and everything is SUPER tight for a while... but we are working to keep those days to a minimum (or really, go away forever LOL)!

    we now recognized when we are stressed over money and instead of stressing we try to be creative and enjoy the little things! i am so excited spring is coming and we will be out adn about more enjoying parks and playgrounds and museams and other free things in the area instead of just the mall and food!
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  • I used to be stressed about money but I'm not anymore. My financial picture has changed drastically since then so I'm sure that helps ease my stress! That said, I have done all I can to learn from past mistakes. I plan for both the unexpected and the future as well as manage day to day expenses. If I don't manage my money, it manages me. And I prefer to be the one in charge. )
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  • Yes when you are struggling to live day to day and live paycheck to paycheck it is a big stress problem for me and Steve.
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  • We make it work but not using credit cards and buying 'toys' - sure we splurge here and there (in Target, who wouldn't?)- but we pay bills on time!
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  • Yes for me Money is like the green eyed monster. It rears its ugly face everyday. It is hard for a single mom, much less a single mom of three and debt beyond all means.

    I constanltly stress about money. I am the head of household and I handle all the bills, Insurance, Dr bills and everything else. There is no easy solution or a quick fix to getting out of debt as I have learned, unless you have a great friend or a Fairy Godmother,otherwise you do what you have to do to make ends meet.

    In my case it is working 2 jobs and looking for another.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Dahlia on 18th April 2008
  • To a certain extent, it causes stress for me, but I´m actually earning just fine. The stress comes from living in a country not supported by PayPal and trying to figure out how to get my money from a Canadian paypal account to Guatemala. :S At the moment, my normal means of doing this just got shut down, so I´m really stressed now.
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  • We have got ourselves into some fimancial jams recently, but together we always work it out...too bad we couldn't just avoid the jams, seems they are all avoidable. Would you agree with that statemeht...curious?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by turtlefly on 18th April 2008
  • Sometimes it can be stressful, but our faith in God keeps us humble and believing that we will be okay - and WE ARE!

    It's very interesting how I've been able to make a 'DOLLA' HOLLA! Meaning, I stretch it and stretch it, since my hubby hasn't had work in almost three years.

    He does his best to find substantial work, but on my lunch breaks at the office - I CLIP coupons like a mad woman! Just on things we use each day, not on 'novelties' just cause they're on sale - big difference!

    We shop at the farmers market for produce, instead of the grocery store - SOmetimes local farmers do a much better job in throwing in extras if they see you're supportive at the market - and it encourages the kids to want to try new veggies with ranch dip...

    Either way, our fam saves money - and we save on milk/gas - We stay home more on weekends other than galavanting all over the city like we used to to shop in the mall...

    Indoor games are popular - and coloring book time with my two small ones.

    In all, I try not to let our financial situation become an overwhelming burden - I try and keep the positive momentum up in my house and my husband encouraged that we will be fine -

    Working mama in northwest
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