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  • Thanks to everyone for sharing about everything. This is a wonderful site! Does anyone cosleep with their child(ren)? I started after returning to work. It feels good to be with her even though she is sleeping. She is now 8 months old and has had trouble falling asleep for her afternoon nap the past 2 days. (She has a runny nose too-cold, teething?) The caretaker suggested letting her sleep on her own. I hate the idea, but if it is what she needs, so be it. Thoughts?
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  • We cosleep as well. I love it because my daughter nurses at night too, and it's wonderful to get to spend that time. My daughter is now 9 months old and has trouble with naps sometimes too. I find that if I let her sleep fall asleep in my lap on the bed and then gently lay her down, she sleeps a bit better. I have just resigned myself to the fact that some days she will take 2-3 really good naps, and others she'll only sleep 20-30 minutes at a stretch. I don't know what your childcare situation is, but I would ask her caregiver if she is willing to try other options for putting her to sleep (rocking her, or wearing her in a sling). Also, I would wait to make a decision until she is done teething or her cold is gone. That could be effecting her sleep too.
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  • I have never done it. If you have one child it may not seem like too much now but another comes along it will take a lot of work with two putting them to bed.

    I believe everyone does what is best for them but it's not something that I ever thought would be good for me. I love that they sleep in their own bed and bedtime is not a problem ever. They both are excellent sleepers when it comes to napping and going to bed at night.

    I don't want to sound preachy..but napping and a good nights sleep is so important for you and your baby.

    I made the mistake of rocking my first to sleep all the time and it took some time to wean him off of this but well worth it when I did.

    I strongly suggest putting your baby in a crib awake and allowing them to put themselves to sleep. It may feel mean and I believe me I felt it but once it became the norm for me to do, I was so much happier. Keep the monitor on and watch how they fall alseep.

    Good luck and happy ZZZZ's
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  • i actually tried to co-sleep by my son would have none of it! i think if it works for you and your family go for it of course eventually they will tranistion to a bed... my sister co-slept with her daughter until about 15 months (also easier because she was still nursing) and now her DD sleeps in her own bed - just skipped the crib all together!
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  • I have three children under the age of ten and when my oldest was the baby I comforted and sleep with him and helped him fall asleep, that child drove me nuts because no matter when it was if he woke up I had to be there in order for him to go to sleep. When the second came along I told myself I would not do this again. I from day one kept her in her bed and never gave her the notion that I would help her get to sleep. as she got older she didn't have a clue and preferred to sleep on her own it was so nice because my three year old was still coming into my room. I am not a cold mother but I will say buy the third child it was all scheduled and everyone stayed on it if they cried they didn't cry for long it takes about three nights of crying and then they will start playing slowing on thier own for a little while and then fall off to sleep. CLOSE THE DOOR!!! because that let's them know mom will not open it until I go to sleep. They know what they are doing and work it for every moment they can. My two youngest children are my independent children and will tell me now mom I am ready to take a rest, my oldest has always fought his sleep and still to this day has a hard time. This procedure is what worked for me and the strange thing that I found was that my oldest needed a passy and my two youngest never did I have always contributed this to the less comforting I gave them as a baby and made them comfort themselves. Wish you luck!!!!! Sorry for being so long. Have a blessed day.
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  • We started co-sleeping mostly because I returned to work full time and the night feedings were easier when she was already in bed beside me. I bought her a toddler bed just a few months ago and it was honestly the best thing ever because her room is adjoining ours so I keep our door shut at night. I put her to sleep beside me on the "big bed" as she calls it. Then her daddy comes to bed about 30 minutes or more later than I do and puts her in her bed for the remainder of the night. If she wakes up in the middle of the night, she comes over to our bed if she wants but mostly has been sleeping in her bed. I think the comfort of knowing she CAN come over if she wants really helps her to just stay in her bed. She's only 17 months old right now. I should've got her the toddler bed even earlier, like just a few months after she started walking. Our daughter hated the crib for whatever reason, probably inherited her mama's fear of being confined.
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  • Thanks for you replies! Of those of you who do cosleep, what precautions did you take to prevent your baby crawling off the bed if he or she woke up and you were not there? I put a line of pillows on the bed. I am not sure that will contain her in a few months.
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  • I coslept with our daughter until she was 18 months old. We had a pack-n-play right next to the bed and that's where she started the night. After the first night feeding she moved into bed with us. Elizabeth Pantley's "No Cry Sleep Solution" has a great description of how to safely prepare your bed for cosleeping. Here's what I did: I had a bedrail on my side of the bed. Pidge slept between the rail and me. I had her on a piddle pad to protect the mattress. As an added bonus, these things are somewhat firm and not as squishy as a mattress but still comfy. Because it was winter, I made the bed in a special way so as to keep warm and not smother Pidge with covers. I took 2 blankets, folded each in half lengthwise and used one for each half of the bed. So my husband had one doubled over blanket and I had the other. Mine I usually folded down under my arm and used a receiving blanket over my shoulder for extra warmth.

    By the way, you mentioned that your daughter had trouble napping for 2 days. Personally, I never took anything like that seriously until it happened 3 days in a row. Then I would decide if I could live with it or I if I wanted to do something about it. It's amazing how many time she would do something for 2 days but not 3. Saved a lot of stress and worry.
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  • To keep our daughter from falling off the bed when I'm not there, I never lay her down near the edge, and I put pillows near the edge of the bed, and I keep a very vigilant watch. Also we have our bed on the floor with just the box springs underneath so that it isn't very far to fall just in case. Also, our bed us up against the wall.
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  • We tried cosleeping with my firstborn and while my husband would sleep just fine, Dorian and I would lay there staring at each other and not sleeping! In the end, he would only come into bed early in the morning when it was cold. He slept in a travel playpen until my second was born, when he was just over a year old. We wrestled with the idea of moving him into a big bed, but in the end, he just moved over and that was that. He was fine and the new baby got the playpen/crib.
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