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Business vs. Blog...

  • I would love to jump on the "blogging" bandwagon, but have been thinking of it in terms of marketing for my online business. The thing is that I really don't have an urge to write about creating and selling baby clothing...I love my biz and have all kinds of plans/ideas/fantasies about building and growing it...but I think when I blog...I want to blog about something else...something that I have always been fascinated with....different careers and what people really love/hate about them!

    I am wondering how many of you out there feel the same? I would love for my blog to generate traffic to my site, but can't really see myself writing about baby clothing on a regular basis!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Linda on 12th March 2008
  • Hi, Linda -- I think this is a really good point and a good question. I am an expert in blogging only to the extent that I write the Work It, Mom! Blog here and we have bloggers writing for us, but I do feel that a blog related to your business will drive more valuable traffic than a blog that is about something else.

    I think of it this way -- I really love stationary (my husband would say I am nuts about it, but you know, that's his word -- and I've always wanted to blog about it, to explore different kinds, stores, etc. And I am sure if I did it and really worked to grow the blog, and it had a link to Work It, Mom! some people would click over. But it would not be targeted traffic -- many of them might not be moms or even women who would appreciate Work It, Mom!.

    I hope that made sense -- 2 hours of sleep last night is not helping today
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 12th March 2008
  • Thank you Nataly -- yes, it does make a lot of sense and I guess I need to I want to grow my biz with a blog that would be harder to write, but would generate targeted traffic...or do I want to just play with blogging for the fun side of it.

    Sigh...if there just more hours in a day to do it all
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Linda on 13th March 2008
  • I would also make a blog with a close tie to your sales site. That way you can keep up-to-date discussing your products but also throw in a few other posts. You could even tag your posts as "business" and "pleasure" sort of things. I was wondering if I could add a link on my blog under favorite online stores to your site. I could write up a review post for you to maybe send some traffic (granted I don't get huge amounts, but it's worth a shot) and further get your name out there. Just let me know!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by on 13th March 2008
  • Yes...I agree...I have been brainstorming all day to think of an interesting angle that relates to baby clothing/accessories and my site. I have to be passionate in order to write otherwise it will fizzle out for sure!

    Thanks Marcia -- I would be fine with a link to my site . My next step on my site is also add links to other sites and I will definitely return the favor!

    Thanks again -- the more traffic the better!!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Linda on 13th March 2008
  • I am so with you Linda - blogging on top of running a business is very time consuming. My latest idea is to do a news search each day to try to come up with something. Though I'm not doing very well with that either.

    What about blogging about issues related to children in your target shopping age?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Claire on 18th March 2008
  • I have two blogs... one that is biz related and one that is not... you can post banner ads on your site that will link you through to your biz... I can help you write a bannerad for free if you need help. They are pretty straight forward. I had better luck putting banners on my blogger site vs my wordpress site... take a peak if you would like...

    I would also be glad to post a banner on my site for you... maybe that would be a great generation for us if we all start trading spots! Let me know what you think!

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