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Favorite Kids Books?

  • I am way into children's books. I love picture books and chapter books for kids. I thought I would share some of my favorites in hopes of getting suggestions for what to read next. In the picture book category, my favorites have to be "The Runaway Bunny" and "The Amazing Bone". Beyond that, I also love the Junie B. Jones books, Harry Potter (of course), and the Prydain Chronicles (a series similar to the Chronicles of Narnia) by Lloyd Alexander (the Prydain Chronicles are my favorites by far). I'm currently re-reading the first book in the Prydain Chronicles called "The Book of Three".
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  • Everyone has to have "Goodnight Moon"
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  • Once I made it to adulthood, I stopped thinking about kids' books, until my own kids came along, and we're reading books almost non-stop every day! Here are some of our favorites right now, in no particular order: Good Night Gorilla; I Love You, Stinkyface;Going to Sleep on the Farm; Everyone Poops; Weekend with Wendell; Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus; Stand Back, Said the Elephant, I'm Going to Sneeze!; and our all- time FAVORITES, the Miss Bindergarten series, starting with Miss Bindergarten and the First Day of Kindergarten. FYI, most of these books I starting reading to my older son when he was about one, except for Everyone Poops, as it seems to become relevant around that potty training phase.

    Me personally, I was a book worm! I loved all books by Zilpha Keatley Snyder, Beverly Cleary, Judy Blume, etc. Also a big "Little House on the Prairie" kid. And Pippi Longstocking too. If I didn't have reading and listening to music, wow- the world would just be 2D. I hope my kids catch the reading bug too. Hope you enjoy the suggestions, mamajama, and happy reading!
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  • Toes are to Tickle. Great illustrations, cute story. "Laughing is so everyone knows you're happy."

    The Rooster who Couldn't Cocka Doodle Doo is very funny with great illustrations as well.

    The Math Curse has been a favorite of mine for ages. Also the If you give a Mouse a Cookie. Some of the later ones seem a bit of a stretch, but the Mouse and Moose ones are great.

    We're starting the Junie B series. Pidge isn't quite mature enough for them but she likes the stories. I can't wait to start the Betsy Tacey books with her. I grew up with Pippi.
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  • Ooooh, and Robert Munsch. (I think that's spelled right) Love You Forever, The Paper Bag Princess, Where is Ga Ning?, etc. He's written tons of books that really appeal to preschoolers.
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  • Speaking of things that we read as kids, I absolutely love the Roald Dahl books...Matilda, The BFG, The Witches, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, etc. I read almost all of his books as a kid and can't wait for babyjama to get to that age.
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  • Hello! The following is a post from my blog (mainly dealing with Children's Lit - I'm work in a Children's Library)...that I thought you might find helpful.


    Llama Llama Mad at Mama - Anna Dewdney

    First off, let me state that I ADORE Anna Dewdney's books. Llama Llama Red Pajama helped Xander understand the concept of going to bed by himself. Her prose is lilting, and sing-song without being saccarine. Grumpy Gloria is another favorite, but I am a sucker for anything bulldog related.

    Llama Llama Mad at Mama takes a mundane, tiresome weekly (sometimes daily) task of going to the supermarket and illustrates the boredom, the assault on the senses, the frustration of both child an parent. Llama Llama and his Mama are apparently at a Supercenter (some say a Wal-Mart, but you all know me, let's go ahead and call it SuperTarget or Costco) and are purchasing groceries plus shirts, socks, etc etc. The meltdown insues, and a lesson is taught about accountability for one's actions, as well as the fact that Mama might dispise going to the store, too, but the simple fact that she's with her Llama Llama makes it special. I often feel this way being a working mom, that I'll take my Xander time any way I can get it, even if it involves clearance racks at Target.

    The illustrations are perfect, Llama Llama's red little nose and huffy ears paint a picture of childhood impatience that kids and parents will relate to. I literally laughed out loud when I read this book, which is no easy feat for a cynical library lady like myself.

    Check it out for yourself and your little Llama (that was corny!), I suggest bringing it to the store with you, to keep the kid entertained for about 2.1 minutes.
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  • I'm partial to Doctor Suess, there's nothing better for reading aloud! My kids aren't actually as crazy about him as I am, but every once in awhile, they indulge Mom. I've even given "Oh, the Places You'll Go" as high school graduation gifts. What a great story.
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  • Great thread, I have to say I´m a total bookworm and picking my favorites is pretty hard! My kids are small still, so we are doing a lot of Dr. Seuss and Mother Goose. But I can´t WAIT till they are old enough for The Velveteen Rabbit and chapter books.

    Books I intend to read to my boys:

    Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn

    The Mouse and the Motorcycle (and the rest of the series)

    Miss Osborne the Mop (SUCH a great story!)

    Famous Five series by Enid Blyton

    The Hardy Boys

    tons more.
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  • Love the thread, so much has been said already. Here's a few more: The Tales of Despareux (SP is surely wrong, it's a french name, I am hopeless); Tin Tin, Aunts Island, Mr. Popper's penguins, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, Pippi Longstockings, Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little, The Magic Tree House series (completing addicting for my kid), Encylopedia Brown, From the mixed up files....,

    And for the picture book, hard book families:

    Hug, Small, Duck on Truck,Peek a Hoo.

    All hits in this house.
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