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Spring Pieces

  • It's consignment sale season and buying Pidge's clothes always puts me in the mood to augment my wardrobe too. What's on your list of pieces to get for this spring and summer?


    Pair of everyday sandals

    Tee shirts (Gap got rid of the ones I like, GRRR!)

    Convertable or strapless bra


    Swim cover-up dress (I expect to live at the pool this summer)

    Pool-worthy sun hat

    Yoga pants

    Top to go with Yoga pants
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  • I find my tee-shirts at Target, they are super soft, and longer length so I'm not constantly pulling them down, plus they come in a gazillion colors.

    I personally think that when a chain makes a decision to discontinue anything that they have carried for some time, they ought to ask us, after all, we are the ones who buy them. This most definitely applies to lipstick colors as well!!
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  • haha great topic, i keep adding to the list in myhead!

    i love target and old navy for t-shirts and casual wear - but i also like shopping sales at major higher-end department stores since you can find higher quality at similar prices! (wow i sound like some sort of crazy advertisement!)

    seems all my shoes have decided to fall apart at the same time! that's so annoying...

    i think i need a whole new wardrobe...

    brown low heels (not quite ballet flats)

    black low heels (have the ballets, but need summery/dressy for work!)

    a good business suit (very much need! so hard to find!)

    summer tops for work

    summer pants for work

    a cashmere sweater!!! (thanks to susan)

    wants include...

    fun jewelery to wear with all my new clothes!

    casual wear that can cross over to work wear occasionally

    bathing suit and coverup

    yoga pants (always want)
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  • I LOVE the Mossimo t-shirts from Target. I have loads. I really like that they're double-thick in front.

    I'm not sure about shopping this year because I'm hoping to be pregnant soon (if I'm not already). If I don't get pregnant, I'll need some long capris and a couple of short-sleeve blouses for work. If I AM pregnant, I'll need everything because I gave away everything from my last pregnancy expecting to never need it again! Yikes- that could be a long list...
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  • Everyone talks about Target Tees so last time I was in I tried them again. All of them. No luck. Nothing fits right. That's the joy of having a large chest and a teeny waist. I can either look matronly or trashy. So I'm taking this as a sign that I need to branch out in my top wardrobe and stay away from tees until I find ones that really work or until Gap comes to their senses.

    I did buy yoga pants from Gap and they are soooooo comfortable and fit too. I'm trying very hard to not buy another pair. I also bought workout tops from Target to go with. They are super long and cute and will hopefully make me feel less schlumpy when I run errands after a walk.

    Heels, I hope you get pregnant soon and avoid being very pregnant over the summer months. Don't worry about your maternity wardrobe, people will come out of the woodwork to offer you stuff.
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  • Jenns - have you tried old navy for tops? they tend to have insane sales and a bigger varity of fit and sizes. love them!!
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  • Kate, Thanks, I have tried Old Navy. I used to never shop there but now I stop by every couple of weeks or so. I've found great deals in the corners. As for fit, they're really hit or miss. One size will be too tight, the next size up will be too lose.
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  • Girl, I need to do me some yoga but it's not happening.

    I really need a great pair of spring shoes, something open toed and flat. Last year in the spring I was preggers and my shoes are all worn thin.

    I also love Eugenia Kim's funky hats.
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