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  • Does anyone else subscribe to Everyday Food Magazine? I do and I am always happy with the recipes and great food tips they provide! The recipes are easy to make but usually have a little bit of a gourmet flair to them.

    I also like that it's only about food.

    The other food mags I get (Gourmet, Bon App, Cooking Light) are starting to get away from the practical food tips/recipes and I just don't have time to dig through each issue to find the 1-2 useful items they provide.

    What other no-nonsense sources of recipes and tips do you turn to?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by BrendaG on 18th March 2008
  • I've subscribed to Gourmet and Bon Appetite for ages, but I feel the same way you do about them now -- no time to really read through everything, and there's so little in them that I can actual use anyway.

    I don't subscribe to Everyday Food, but I love Cook's Illustrated, because it's all great recipes and practical advice (their new Cook's Country magazine is good, too). And I absolutely love Penzey's One -- it's produced by the same people who run Penzey's, a great spice shop and catalog. It has a lot of common-sense, reader-contributed recipes that are delicious and easy, plus some great stories that relate to every day, normal cooking and people...
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  • Cook's Illustrated is another fave of mine. Thanks for the tip on Penzey's, I just ordered a free trial issue to see if I like it.
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  • I subscribe to - for $5/month (I think) they send you 5 complete meals (sides and all) along with the recipes and shopping list each week. They just recently expanded to let you swap out meals if you don't like the planned one. Most meals are usually done in 30 minutes and are healthy and have variety - though I will say sometimes for my family they are "too" healthy. She has some good asian dishes.

    Family Fun Magazine also has a month of meals at .html?CMP=ILC-CD3148260517. I have tried a few of these recipes and liked them as well.
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  • i love every day food! i have lots of various cookbooks and then just peek around online at various sites - a new one that i found has a different idea. has a tool where you enter whatever you are craving and it spits out recipees! cooking and techno geeky - i love it!
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