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Banner Ad Swapping/ Help With Writing Your Banner- Free Ways to Network and Increase Traffic!

  • Hi Everyone...

    The thought just occurred to me that there are probably lots of us out here who have blogs... who would like to promote our business or products. A great free way to do this is by Ad Sharing... I am more than happy to do this. How it works is simple... if you have a blog/site that you post banners on... you get to post your banner on my site and then I get to post my banner on your site. Check out my blogs at (this one has banner ads) and (this one I haven't figured out putting ads on yet) and let me know if you are interested!

    Also, I am more than happy to share the step by step process with setting up a blog on Blogger and on how to create your own banner ads. It's an easy process. If you need help, just let me know!

    As a working at home Mom, I am more than happy to help others because if it wasn't for the help I have received... I would be lost!

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