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  • Hello everyone! Iam new here Iam a single mom of 3 1 boy and 2 girls. I have ages and stages so to speak my oldest will be 13 next month then I have 9 yr old and almost 6 year old.I cant wait to meet you all. I also work fulltime in Retail not the greatest job but I like it!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lyn on 19th March 2008
  • Hi, Lyn! Welcome! This is a great place with great women! Glad you are here.
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  • Welcome to Work it, Mom! I just know you'll have fun here and make a lot of friends.
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  • I heart Target Lyn! I've never had Starbuck's (I'm deprived haha) but I don't think I'd mind working for one either. I can imagine you meet lots of people everyday! My job, I sit in a cube all day and only interact with the same 2-5 people every day. I wish I had the diversity! Welcome to the site though! There are always things to talk about.
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  • Thanks Everyone for the warm welcome!! Some weeks it is hard for me to getonline until Saturdays!! I too love Target but I do spend too much money there myself . This week I worked almost 40+ hours and for the next 2 weeks it will be that too. Alot of the people have found better jobs and left so it leaves us short handed! Seeing Iam crossed trained in so many areas of the store that I just end up staying long after Iam suppose to leave which is ok seeing it just puts more money in my pocket. I also applied for a higher up postion to be the photo lab specialist BUT there is a few drawbacks with my availabilty I work Monday through Friday Only and only the hours of my daycares open which is from 6:30am to 6:30 pm which is more then resonable I think. So it could go either way I have proven myself so we will see.
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  • Hi Lyn,

    I'm new here too. Welcome. I'm a new mom and a SAHM/WAHM but I can relate, I worked in retail for a long time. Any time you want to chat just e-mail me.

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  • Hey Lyn, Welcome to Work it, Mom. Let us know how things go with the possible promotion. We're rooting for you!
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