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Home decor: are you satisfied with your home's "look"?

  • I'm always comparing my home's interior with what I see in magazines and my house inevitably comes up short. Which is fine. I don't need to be Martha Stewart (hell, no!). But I always wish it looked a little more...everything: a little more put-together, a little more organized, a little cleaner. Personally, I go for a relaxed, cottage-type style, but it's pretty inconsistent from room-to-room. What about you? Does your house look exactly as you want it to look or is decorating an ongoing endeavor for you, too?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 20th March 2008
  • Definitely not but I am also slowly remodeling my house. I refuse to decorate until the remodeling is DONE! I do not want sheetrock dust on new furniture!!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by KathyHowe on 21st March 2008
  • Check out this blog for a bunch of tips on home decor.. I love looking through posts like these to whip up something new in my house! Let me know if you guys have any good blog recommendations too!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by KMunsell on 29th December 2011

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