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  • Hi Moms!

    I decided to join today because I wanted to get a feel for other moms' feelings toward kids' shows today. I really think that they've gotten out of hand and some are just ridiculous. Some I feel like are just rotting my kids brain while others I feel I can't let my kids - especially my preschoolers - watch TV without me nearby. What are your thoughts and feelings? What makes shows okay for your kids to watch? I'm so fed up with the crap on TV!!!!
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  • Hi mbb. I'm with you on this. Weird as it sounds in this day and age, we just didn't get a tv the last time we did a long-distance move. It's been a few years now and we do just fine. Our little one is 17 months old now and I prefer for her to grow up watching the occasional dvd, rather than being exposed to all the (as you say) crap tv shows and relentless advertising.

    Having said that, I really am not a hard-core mom. I'm not preachy about TV - I just prefer to avoid it. And, hey, I would rarely judge another mom for what she lets her kids watch. I watched a TON of junk tv when I was growing up (I recall I had the entire tv guide memorized at age 12) and I made it just fine! So it's important not to be a TV puritan, too!! )

    Oh, I've found another great TV alternative. In addition to dvds, my daughter and I will watch short You Tube clips. They have GREAT classic Sesame Street and Muppet Show clips, plus everything else you can think of that's fun for kids (like Pixar stuff). This is a good (and free!) choice for people with preschoolers. Older kids, of course, will want to watch whatever their friends are watching.
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  • I think Noggin does a great job for preschool TV. My son also likes a new show "super WHYS".
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  • Diane, you have to be careful with YouTube clips. Lots of the ones I stumbled on were horrible remakes or voice overs by other people making them for adults. I'm sure you know that, but just a heads up to anyone else that wants to do that. Most Dora clips (ughhh I know...) are bad for kids to watch.

    My daughter watches Playhouse Disney mostly and Noggin in the evenings. I try to avoid Dora. I think she shouts too much. Even when she's just TALKING it sounds like she's yelling. (I just wrote a post on that at my blog.) We like to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which took me some getting use to the new look after not watching it since I was younger. She also enjoys watching the Choo Choo Soul clips. She's only 17 months old and counts to 14. It's not that she sits in front of the tv all day. It's just that if it's going to be on anyways, I rather it be on something kid-friendly as opposed to the news or violent movies.
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  • My Friends Tigger and Pooh and Mickey Mouse clubhouse are huge hits at our house. I only watch the news after they're in bed, so the only TV they see, I see with them so it's pretty easy to catch the little things that are in kids shows that shouldn't be.

    Hannah Montana and Zach and Cody are pretty cute, but they can be a little snarky with authority figures, so I'm always interjecting corrections, and now both girls will correct things on their own. It's nice to know they listen sometimes.

    I also did the V-chip (?) programming on the TV so really the only channels they can turn on by themselves are Disney, PBS and Nick.
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  • The main kids show that I can't stand these days is Brats. I've seen other kids watch it on Saturday mornings, and I'm definitely not impressed. All the characters look like Barbie dolls, and one of the two "mean girls" has a bandage on her nose from getting a nose job. I think that the show just sends the wrong message to girls period. Not everyone needs to strive to be a model.
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  • Whew! I totally agree with you on Bratz. I think they are awful. They send awful images about appearance and body image, and I don't let the girls watch or play with them. For the longest time M would say mournfully as we walked by the display at the store, "You never let me have Bratz." To which I answered, "Nope, they don't make very good choices, so you may not play with them." She doesn't even mention them anymore.
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  • I actually think that kids TV is much better now than it was when my big kids were little, 10-14 years ago. I let me little guys watch the shows on Noggin -- "Little Bill," "Go Diego Go," "Dora," and "Max and Ruby" are favorites (though i totally know what you mean about Dora shouting too much! For us, though, the fact that my 3-year old is picking up spanish outweighs the shouting aspect -- for now). Love, Love, Love "Little Bill"...

    My tweens watch "Hanna Montana" and "Suite Life of Zach and Cody" sometimes, but they'd rather park themselves in front of "American Idol," or pretty much anything on Animal Planet or The Discovery Channel -- we watch a lot of "Dirty Jobs" and "Mythbusters" around here. My teenager, too -- thank goodness. She's 14 and her current obsession is reruns of "Full House"...
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