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Why Didn't Obama Tell His Pastor He Didn't Approve of His Rants Before He Ran for President?

  • Can someone add their 2 sense?

    Yesterday on Hardball, Pat Robertson told Chris Matthews that people are outraged b/c Barack Obama should've told his Pastor he didn't agree with what he was saying in order to make him stop sometime during the 20 years he was there.

    If Pat is right, why don't we go to our Pastors, Priests and Rabbi's to complain every time we hear something we don't particularly agree with during Sunday Service?

    If we did, would it change anything? - Or, would be asked to go someplace else?

    Do you think this request was a little over the top and unrealistic for someone like Obama who was an unknown Community Activist on the South Side of Chicago when he joined Rev. Wright's church and was seeking to align himself with the powers that be in that community at that time in order to help the community himself?

    Let's talk...
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by caramelsugarberry38 on 20th March 2008
  • Depends on how many times his preacher said things he did not like. I don't always agree with my preacher and when I don't I tell him then, I don't wait.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Pat Michels on 20th March 2008
  • People are going to say whatever they feel. I dont think that Obama should be held accountable for one man's stupidty. In some churches Pastor's say whatever they want and sometimes the church congrigation can not address them. When you are in the public eye people who know you will say anything they want because they know either your a star on your way up to doing something important. This man's beliefs are tired and dumb. It not only makes Obama look bad but the community itself look bad. I think Obama did a wonderful speech and addressed in a professional tone and manner and this pastor is off the church's pulpit and has step down completely. One thing I dont like is the Media, they always pick the negative things to say about a person or show negative acts. Hopefully this will surpass Obama and he can get on with his job.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Shelly on 20th March 2008
  • I watched the News cast on T.V. about it. What a nightmare for Obama. I kept wondering how old were the sermons that were televised on T.V. In my heart, I want to believe that Obama has a broader concern for all americans, and does not espouse the beliefs of that particular paster. I think that he should answer the question of why he was involved with the church if he did not agree with the messages being preached by this paster. I would have left the church, no matter how powerful of a position it had on the principle of it.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Susan on 20th March 2008
  • I agree with Susan If I were him also I would have left the church but he stayed. I also agree wit you also about those probably being old sermons dug up from the past to haunt Obama. Good thing is that he steped down from the pulpit and hopefully Obama will recover if not then onward soldier. Today in our society and communities we have these pastors who open their mouth and speak before they THINK. I have personally been through a experience where a pastor has told me . If I gave a Big Contribution to the church that God will Heal my son of Autisim . Immediately I left that church and never returned. Some of these pastors are nothing more than sheep in wolves clothing . You have to expect something or somebody is going to come out with some dirt on Obama or even Hilary. I was watching the news today and they brought up that whole Monica Thing again. They said how Hilary is one room sleep and Monica and the president was ... ya know... but I feel who cares, it over and done let these canidates do their thing.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Shelly on 20th March 2008
  • I also do not understand why Obama is being held accountable for something someone else said? There is much more to a church than the paster - the community of people can sometimes out weigh what the man at the pulpit has to say!

    I am sure we all have people in our lives that spout off about one thing or another and we roll our eyes and know that we dont take it seriously but also that it wont help to 'argue' with that person or point out whey we disagree.

    Also, in some religions it is very difficult (if not intimidating) to speak directly to a paster/priest/rabbi/etc. and tell them you disagree with what they are saying....
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 20th March 2008
  • I am of the belief that one pastor does not a church make (at least in most cases). I'm Protestian and my husband is Catholic. I attend Mass with him, BUT I don't always agree with the Priest (or the Church, for that matter) on certain issues. I still attend, tho.

    As for them bringing up the Monica thing again, it's old news, as far as I'm concerned. What people refuse to see is that issues like this have been going on since the birth of this country (and other countries as well). If anybody is interested, they might want to really look back in some of the political campaigns throughout history and see just how down and dirty they USED to get. In comparison, campaigns today are VERY tame. In addition, you might want to pick up a book called Unwise Passions: A True Story of a Remarkable Woman---and the First Great Scandal of Eighteenth-Century America by Alan Pell Crawford. It's about the Randolph family of Virginia, but it has its tangles into NY, NJ, and other areas as well. The founding fathers weren't exactly the nicest of people and there were a LOT that were "smoke and mirrors" as the saying goes nowadays. And the kicker here is, the whole story is true.
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  • Bravo Kate I totally agree with that sister. Hopefully Americans will see Obama for the man he is rather than those who seldomly surround him . Go head Kate you put it down on the subject Bravo !
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Shelly on 20th March 2008
  • In my church after Sunday service, b/c it's so packed you have about 2 secs to hug the Pastor and keep it movin'...

    If you want to see him privately you have to make an appointment. I have met with my Pastor and although he is very nice - he is also very busy. He is an opinionated war veteran and biblical scholar who will not change his sermons just b/c someone expresses disagreement with it esp. if what he said is biblically based or historical fact.

    If I loved all other things about my Pastor, but couldn't get him to change a couple of things, don't I have the right to complain to a higher source? And, shouldn't those matters be left to the higher governing authority over the church itself to correct, no? And don't we think the OCC would've said something to Rev. Wright if they thought he was preaching hate from the pulpit - if someone (more than Obama) complained about it?

    But, my question about Rev. Wright here is that he is the shepherd of 6,000 members. Why are we laying this burden on Obama to have said something to the Rev. to get him to change when there were 5,999 other members who agreed with what he was saying too and they didn't say anything? Obama certainly wasn't the only dignitary, educated, community activist in that church at that time who saw something greater in Rev. Wright. Something the 30 sec sound bites don't show.

    When Barack became a member he was looking to align himself with a Community Leader and Rev. Wright was a respectd Community Leader. Rev. Wright was that guy who could legitimize Obama's place in Chicago and with the Black community. Is that the crime we are indicting him for or is it what we are over looking here?

    Preachers do say some outrageous things. My Pastor speaks damnation to gays and lesbians (b/c the bible backs him up) That doesn't mean I agree with him or that I will leave th church over it. Or, that I make it my business to schedule an app't with him every time he speaks on the matter on Sunday. And, I was raised by a gay surrogate father for a short time in my life. I don't damn him for loving me just b/c he had a shortcoming. We are all human.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by caramelsugarberry38 on 20th March 2008
  • Besides, it's the only thing the right wing has been able to spin into something negative about Obama. How sad that his last speech which treated Americans as adults with brains only touched those who already respect him.

    His pastor's words were also taken out of context and spun...I'm not so sure what he was saying was really all that far from at least how some of us were feeling at that time.
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