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Why Didn't Obama Tell His Pastor He Didn't Approve of His Rants Before He Ran for President?

  • Man I love this group Discussion. And I thought about one more thing. If the church had a problem with that pastor the whole congregation should have come to him. It is a shame that the burden was laid on Obama in the public eye while he is trying to become the number one canidate for president. This is a good man and I truly respect him just as Dance Stones stated above. I truly respect him for steping out and speaking. That took a lot of courage. Not afraid to address it , That is what makes a Good President !
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Shelly on 21st March 2008
  • Thank you. I've been dying to discuss this with someone.

    I think that it is a shame that one again, instead of talking about any important issues such as funding universal health care, or plans to stimulate the economy or Iraq, the media is yet again playing something that is, quite frankly, not important.

    It has been very frustrating to watch the same bits replayed over and over again with no real reporting on what the context of the entire sermon(s) were. There have been times when our pastor says things that I don't agree with, but I take the church as a whole and don't stay or leave based on one sermon.

    I thought Obama's speech was beautiful, and I was very moved. If only that would have been as replayed as Rev. Wright's sermons have been.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Niki D on 21st March 2008
  • This is a great discussion! I thought Obama's speech was one of the most thoughtful, respectful, honest and challenging commentaries on race and power that we've heard from a leader in this country in a long time. I personally don't expect that I will agree with our president all the time. BUT. I wanted to be talked to with directness and respect- and I want the president to take our abilities to understand the realities and complexities of issues like race, power, and class seriously.

    Thanks for all of your thoughtful comments!
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  • I was just watching CNN and they just kept bringing that up. Then they start to throw out, How this will affect his running for president. These remarks were made by an ignorant individual who has mislead people into his ignorance alone. I really pray that it does not affect Obama. A good man should never have to pay for the sins of another. Rev Wright has step down thank God but I just wish the media would just let it die ! They continue to rewind it over and over again, bring in experts and other key pastors and deacons and whatever. I just wish I could yell out LETS MOVE ON !
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Shelly on 21st March 2008
  • I'm with you, Shelly. Let's hope they HEAR YOU!
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  • The media has gotten worse over the last few years. A lot of the reporting these days on nothing scandels remind me of a child constantly picking a scab. That is the way that I felt about the whole Monica L thing, and probably this issue with Obama as well.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Susan on 21st March 2008
  • Thank you all for your thoughtful comments and insight on this subject! Susan, Dance Stones, Shelly, Traci, Niki D, JDaffron, Kate and Pat Michels - you rock!

    I also think the media needs to let up and we need to move on. I think Barack showed himself to be a man who can take the pressure and rise above it with honor and respectability (and lift the country up with him).

    That's a man who gets my vote. I think he'll do the same in the White House when tougher issues come up! Don't ya' think so too?

    Let's have more intelligent discussions like this

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  • thanks for inviting me into this great discussion. I love when women discuss politics


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  • Thanks for my invitiation to join the group.....

    It just angers me when these stories are leaked (hummm right) during election time. Why wasn't this Pastor's remarks news worthy before? During election times so many things are taken out of context it's hard to believe anything you see on the news or read in the papers. Your only shown small snippet's of the whole designed with one intention to anger and/or confuse people.

    We have to keep our eyes on the ball, the real issues. I don't know about you guys but I go to work every day and I can not make ends meet. I'm withdrawing monies set aside for retirement just to make up my monthly short fall. I haven't had an increase in wages in two years.

    Exxon, BP etc.. companies are making profits in the billions each year but prices at the pumps are skyrocketing. MMMMmmm do I fill my tank so I can go to work or do I eat?

    Millions of Americans can't afford health coverage and even if you have it you end up paying thousands of dollars out of pocket....

    Now these are the issues I care about so Mr/Ms. Candidate tell me what your going to do about the real issues.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mary Jane on 22nd March 2008
  • Mary Jane,

    That is precisely what I'm talking about. My husband is the bread winner and although we are considered "white collar" workers - we too had a moment when we had to dip in the retirement monies to pay the mortgage.

    Times are tough all around. I believe people should listen to what they first heard in Barack Obama and stick with that and not let all this negative campaigning overshadow his ability to take this country to another level.

    We all need it. I can't understand the Exon profits at all either in this economy...but I know one thing...Mr. Bush is definitely profitting too! Go figure.

    That's why we have to make our voices heard.
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