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How safe is your home?

  • With all the chemicals that are being put into our food,cleaners and personial care products, its no wonder cancer and every other disease is on the rise!!!

    I found this really cool company that I wanted to share with everyone. It helps you convert your home to be healthier and safer.Its like a costco or sams club.

    they are dedicated to helping the environment , saving you time and money, and just making people happier and healthier
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Tiffany on 20th March 2008
  • Hello Tiffany

    I just started working with a Go Green company also. I just got in some of the laundry detergent, shampoo, soap and tooth paste. I like the products. AND they were less expensive then if I would have bought them at the store. PLUS they are better for us. NO toxins.
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