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A Place of MY Own

  • Okay, I'm a recent convert to the idea of how important it is to have a time and space all to yourself. It's not that I thought that this wasn't important exactly, but it seemed impossible to achieve (especially for me). I am at home with my daughter all day while my husband works, and we have a small house, a big dog, and a clingy infant. I'm seriously lucky if I get to go to the bathroom with the door closed. Anyway, over the winter holidays, I mentioned to my MIL that I loved the art studio that she has in her basement. She then noticed how hard I was working on my crafts. I am working on learning how to sew, and I already do several other crafts. So, my MIL suggested that I fix up the room in the basement with a nice shade of paint, a dehumidifier, some lamps, a carpet, and whatever else I needed for a craft room. That seemed like a pipe dream. Well, for my birthday this year my husband decided to fix up the room for me. My birthday was about a month ago, and up until a few days ago little had happened for my craft room. I had picked out a shade of paint, and we had okayed the plan with our land lord, but my husband is very busy with work, and I keep him pretty busy at home too.

    Anyway, so it seemed like it would never happen...or at least not for a long time. The other day, my husband finally put a coat of paint down, and the following day I went down to do touch up and ended up putting another coat on myself. At first I wasn't too into it, and then I realized that I was actually doing something that was JUST for me. After a few minutes my husband came down to check on me and I was diligently making sure that the walls were well covered and that I wasn't splattering paint everywhere. He asked if I was doing alright and I almost burst into tears. I hadn't realized how much I needed to do something that was all mine, and had nothing to do with anyone else.

    Well, I'm done painting, I have the carpet down and a table set up with my sewing machine on it, and I just want to remind other moms to really truly make some space for yourself. I didn't realize how much was being taken out of me until I started on this project. It's really special to have a space of your own (even if it's just a little corner).
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  • I've found that I need to actually leave the house to achieve this, but I agree that it's SO important. If I stay at home, though, my darling son knows where I am and wants to come visit me, which isn't exactly helpful.

    Instead, I go to dance class by myself once a week. It's a set time so that I can't keep putting it off and it's away so that I don't get interrupted. I stopped going for a few weeks and depression started to drag me down. I went back again last night and it has already made an improvement on my mood.

    Good for you for finally recognizing your need and doing something about it! Have fun in your new space!!
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  • This is so true. Sadly, I just don't have a place like that anymore. Just no room in this little house. Like mamajama I have a very clingy little one, plus a circus of cats and dogs who follow me constantly. How sad is it that the bathroom is my place of refuge? You're right, heels, I need to get do something other than running errands.
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