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  • For those in the colder climates that work at home: Do any of you get spring fever? How do you get sunshine AND work? Do you take your office outside? Or just take breaks? Or do you feel just as cooped up as you would at a traditional office?
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  • I live in Vermont, and boy to I have spring fever!!! I want nothing more than to leave my house in flip flops and no jacket! I have a hard time this time of year because I don't get outside enough. My desk is next to the window in my home office, so when it is sunny I really enjoy the warmth of the sun that way. I find taking a drive on a nice sunny day - leaving my sunglasses off helps. When it is not too cold, I'll play outside with the kids afterschool. (Not that often I'm afraid!). In a few weeks we'll be riding bikes again. Yea!
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  • Man oh man. I have Spring fever soooo bad! I feel so cooped up most days. Now that it's getting nicer, I make a point to take some breaks during the days when it's sunny and warmish. I like to take babyjama and our dog for a short walk to stretch my legs and get some of that good vitamin D. Also, I've been known to plan a playdate at the park so that I can get out in the middle of the work day (it helps to have sahm friends). If I had a laptop I would just take it outside, but since I don't I just have to sit by a sunny window.
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  • I often get spring fever. I am with Tupperware and once every couple of weeks I do what I call an out and about.

    I will go all over the place leaving flyers, sales flyers or visiting organizations to set up fundraisers. It gets me out of the house and I am still working.
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  • yup, pretty much stuck cooped up in an office! at least we have stuff to talk to so when it is nice and sunny an nearly 70 we make a point to walk to lunch and then take a break for starbucks later in the afternoon! The sunshine is so good for us and makes us more productive
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