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Do you tell them EVERYTHING?

  • My husband and I have had an issue with this recently. I normally tell him EVERYTHING. I tell him how I feel, and what I think about just about everything that you can think of. He has long said that he always wants to know what I think and so forth, so things have been really open. Yesterday we had a huge blowout fight, and I came to realize that some of the things that I am sharing are making him think some rather uncomplimentary things about me. Obviously that hurt my feelings, but it also got me wondering if I should keep more to myself. I don't want to become withdrawn, but I'm thinking that maybe I don't need to put my two cents in about hot button issues that come up (i.e. certain relationships) and just let him come to his own conclusions. So I'm wondering what is working for you? Do you share everything? or do you keep some things to yourself?
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  • I am kind of the same way. I express my opinion more often than not. He (WE) just bought another car for him to use that he (WE) picked out. This car belongs in the Fast and Furious movie accept the interior is crap. He showed me several photos of interior kits he was thinking about and chose the fake wood grain sticker stuff. Personally, that reminds me of my grandparents' old station wagon. Well, he didn't like that I told him that. He's the one that sent me all the links here at work looking for my opinion. Why does he always ask for it if he doesn't really want it? He snapped at me for always being "negative". I like to think I'm an upbeat, positive person most of the time. I can't help if there are a few things that just press my buttons and I have negative comments about. I'm sure everyone does.

    Lately, I've just been sharing the positives and making faces at the negatives without saying anything haha. I still get my point across, but I don't SAY anything to get accused of complaining or being negative.
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