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How much do your clients know about you?

  • I'm wondering how much you share with potential clients? I'm working on expanding my online professional profile, and wondering how much to share. Obviously, I want it to be professional, but does it help to allow a client to see a little bit of who you are? I have no idea. For example, do you let it be know that you're a Mom?
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  • Great question! I'll be keeping a close eye out on this thread.

    I'm really wondering the same thing myself. I have a lot of friends/family as clients, and they of course know everything about me, lol.

    All of my other clients found me through my web site, so they hardly know any personal info at all. A few know I have a young child, but most keep it strictly professional.

    That's where I'm in a big dilemma over whether or not I should link my business site to my blog. I'm open in my blog, including about the fact that I work full time and freelance part time. I'd imagine that would be a turn off to some potential clients (though all of my existing clients know my work situation and are OK with it because I get the job done!).

    I'm always reading about how blogs are great for getting business, but so far none of the inquiries from my blog have turned into anything. All of my jobs are either people I know personally, or referrals from clients... or people who found me on the search engines. AKA they know nothing about me.

    So... I'm kind of stuck as far as what I want to do in linking my main site to the blog, because so far it hasn't helped me, lol.

    I'm wondering what everyone else does? As far as the Mom thing - if they don't know me, and don't ask, then I don't bring it up. If someone mentions they have a child or asks me, etc, then I do go a little more personal.

    I dunno.... I'm looking forward to your responses!
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  • Oh I feel this one! I'm a coach and my clients are mostly moms, so I find that sharing personal details is an affirming thing and gives them more confidence in me and my abilities. I'm guessing it depends on the job and type of clients? I do think it's good in general to let people know something about you ... I'm always reading how business is built on relationships . As for blog linking? I'm on the fence with that one, and this site is the first place I've ever publicly linked all three (2 biz websites and my personal blog.) I'm very leery of it, but am trying if for now. I have no plans to link to them directly on my sites though, that seems like too much to me as my blog is very personal at times.
  • It depends on the client. I initially spun my extensive volunteer work with community and church groups into my business. Obviously, those folks all know I have a family and that has been a plus. Most of my clients come from referrals and seem to respond postively to the fact that I am a parent.

    If I sense that sharing my personal life might build a level of trust with a potential client, then I do disclose information about my personal life.
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  • I agree with Karen - it depends on the client and the project. I have shared my personal blog with certain potential clients because I thought they would appreciate the tone of my writing there. It shows the diversity of my writing style when compared to other pieces of work I've written with a more informational tone. I'm pretty sure my personal blog even got me two specific pieces of work recently! And, after I was hired on those jobs, I felt confident that they completely "got" the idea that I was a WAHM. They go out of their way to arrange teleconference times that will work with school pick-up/meal time/nap time, etc...

    With other potential clients, I keep the blog to myself but I do make sure that I mention in some fashion that I changed career paths several years ago so that I could be at home with my family. That way, they can choose to hire me or not - but if they do, they go into it with the knowledge that there might be certain inflexibilities to my schedule.

    (and hi Mamajama! I'm in Overland Park - I saw your name on the KC Moms group....)
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