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Anyone ever attended an apparel mart/trade show?

  • Hi ladies,

    I am planning on attending the Atlanta apparel mart/tradeshow on the week-end of April 5th. We are hoping to find some fun, colorful, bright wholesale products to add to our site (I am so excited that we are going to be expanding .

    I would love to get some tips on attending such a show -- questions to ask vendors, things to watch out for, how much time to allow myself etc.....or anything else you found interesting!

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  • Hey Linda,

    I will be attending my 1st Jewelery & Gem & Bead show in May, but here are a few things that you might find useful!

    See if you can obtain a list of exhibitors now & find out if they have websites, so you can do some research & look for some vendors that you would like to visit when you get there.

    Bring a little notebook & pen, so you can make notes & comments about the vendors that you meet. Get a site map, so you can plan your route.

    Also, find out if there is a wholesale only section & find out what business papers you need to gain access.

    Ask the vendors about what types of programs & discounts they offer & if they have a customer referral program. Be sure to ask about close outs & discontinued items - they most likely offer these deals to loyal customers.

    Network, network, network. Drink plenty of coffee or whatever gets you going & make a great 1st impression. Vendors love happy & energetic customers. Make sure to sign up for giveaways - someone has to win & you won't if you do not sign up!

    Hope some of this makes sense. Also, have fun!

    Love your shop! Now if only my hubby would agree to have another baby!

    Good luck!

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  • Awesome tips Stephanie -- thank-you!! I love the idea of checking out the websites ahead of time and will definitely look into that - I am sure they have a list of vendors & a site map they could provide me!!

    This particular show is wholesale only, so we have already pre-qualified to go and I am very excited...hoping to see some interesting products and good prices

    Thanks and good luck for your upcoming show too!

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  • Hi, also see if the trade show has an on-line planning site so that you can map out who you want to see and where they are located at the show so you are not walking all over. These shows are ususally huge and if you don't know where you are going it can get overwhelming. Also don't forget to ask each vendor about their shipping; where they ship from and how long it takes to get an order out to you. Also bring alot of business cards and get as many catalogs mailed to you so that you are not weighed down with stuff. Most of all, wear comfortable shoes. Best of luck at the show and have fun!

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