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Fit by 40!!

  • Fit by 40!!! This is my new motto. I have 7 months until the date and I am going to do it! My hubby and I have joined a great gym and are working with a really mean trainer. We started a week ago and I love it. I have never, and I mean never, worked out so effectively and hard before. Having the trainer there really pushes me to finish reps, ensures my heart rate is kept up, and keeps me on track. I am so pumped!

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  • Good job, Kris! It's hard to stay motivated -- I'm glad you found a way to keep your goals in sight!
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  • I can't believe I have 4 months to go and still not in such great shape. Good going Kris.

    Lylah is right about the motivation. Having your husband doing it with you is a nice support.
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  • Here's the update ladies!! I am loving going to the gym with my husband. And our trainer is awesome!!! We have revamped our whole kitchen - all healthy, whole foods. I have to say, eating healthy and daily exercise, mixed with our new sunny, spring weather makes me feel sooooo great!!!

    I have lost 5 lbs and a few inches here and there. My husband has lost 20! The trainer is definitely the way to go. Having a scheduled appointment with someone makes you accountable to show up! Even if you make plans with a friend, that is what I plan to do once our sessions are over. It's more fun to work out with someone too.

    Thanks for the encouraging words!
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