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Teachers, How much work do you bring home with you?

  • My husband is a teacher, and he rarely brings work home. He is in his sixth year of teaching 5th grade, but this is his first year at this school. He likes to have family time at home and work time at work. He mentions that his female co-workers seem to stress a lot more than he and the other guys do, and that they take a lot of work home. My husband does go in early or stay late at school almost every day though. I'm just wondering what others do? How do you feel about it?
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  • I've cut down on the amount of work I bring home and the amount of weekend time I spend at school. I am in my thirteenth years of teaching, and this year I changed schools and grade levels, so there's a lot to learn. A few years ago I went through a masters program that met on weekends, and I learned to prioritize and not take as much work home with me as I had in the past. Since I finished the program, I've tried to maintain that philosophy: there will be "homework," but there must also be balance.
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