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Does blogging come easy to you?

  • I just started my grown up blog a few months ago (I had a xanga all through college...and still post there occasionally). I find it really easy to post when I make the time to actually sit down and do it, but in all honesty I think it sounds like a daunting task until I actually sit sometimes long periods of time to by with no posts. What about you? What do you find easy and what do you find difficult about blogging?
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  • Same thing. Or, I have a great idea for a blog and then I get so busy that I get sidetracked. I'm always inspired, but can get off track. I've just started blogging so I'm also exploring alot of news channel sights. That keeps me inspired especially my thoughts about this race.

    Easy - enough material to blog about

    Hard - Sitting down to write it.
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  • I like blogging, but like you guys, I find it hard to take the time to sit down and do it. Sometimes I'll go days or weeks without blogging anything. My personal motivation is to know that someone wants to read it, and since I don't really have a readership for it yet, I get discouraged.
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  • I find it much easier for me if I plan my posts out in advance. I usually sit down on the weekends and will put together a week's worth of posts (3-4) and then during the week all I need to do is publish the posts on a particular day. It also gives me some time to think about what I have written so I have some time to go back and edit if I feel it necessary. I also find that the more posts I can get out there each week, the more the readership grows.
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  • I´m actually a professional blogger . . . I have 3 blogs of my own and ghostwrite another twelve.

    On my personal blog, I have no trouble with posting. On my business blog, I find it daunting at times, because I need to look for links and I´m usually stressed about getting my paid assignments done. The paid blogs are definitely hard because they are on topics I wouldn´t normally be interested in or write about, but that´s just part of being a freelancer!
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  • having a topic really helps, this is where i struggle! once i have a topic i am golden. i am still trying to figure out the tone/style/subject of the blog and right now it is kinda all over the place. my husband has one for our family/friends about us and our son so i avoid those topics usually.

    i like the idea of sitting down and writing out a bunch or at least jotting down the ideas a head of time. that is all organized and stuff! haha! i keep saying i am going to do that, maybe i have the inspiration to do it now
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  • I like to sit down at the computer and spend time visiting other blogs and my favorite sites to inspire my blogging. Once I have an idea, the blogging comes...I love it when I can write a few blogs to have lined up to post later. I really enjoy being a part of the blogging community and posting comments on other sites as well!
  • I just started a blog, but haven't done much with it. I think finding a topic will be the biggest challenge. I wouldn't visit this site as often as I do if I didn't get these updates in my email. It's like a prompt.

    You can get an account with iContact (email marketing) and actually put a sign-up spot on your blog to get themselves added to an email list. You could send out a reminder email once a week or once a day. And you can have it sent on a certain date so you don't have to come back to it. So if you're planning ahead on topics, you can get that all set up and maybe get more traffic and interest to your site. I'm betting that if others start posting, ideas will come to us about what in the heck to write about!!

    By the way, the email is free for 30 days and then it's only $8.99 a month!! VERY affordable!

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  • My first blogs were really hard and I am a professional writer. If you see on my you will see the early ones were pretty bad. Just keep I have done over a hundred and they are so much better and they are so much more read by other people. My blog has over 4000 readers so I must be doing better! Good luck and don't give up...
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  • I think of my blog as an online diary. I try my best to blog at night so that I can write about whatever happened during the day. There are some nights where I just stare at the laptop - it hasn't let me down yet!

    I'm not a professional, by any stretch- I just enjoy documenting what my thoughts are, what happened, what I'm doing- and poof! (exciting or not)- it's a Blog.
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