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Tips for grant writing?

  • I'm considering writing a mini-grant application locally for craft materials. I'd like my fourth grade students to experience a craft that represents in some way each region they study. For example, when they studied the Southwest, they did paper weaving after examining several Navajo designs. I would love to see them weave with yarn or even wool instead to get a more authentic feel for the craft. For our own Wisconsin, wouldn't it be great if I could take them outside to the park down the block and tap the sugar maple trees? But all this takes money.

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  • Daisy- I have no advice as far as grant writing goes- but have you tried contacting some nature centers in your area? I write weekly about local events in our area and lately there has been at least 3 different nature centers offering this program each week, for free. Here's an example of one I added to our calendar yesterday:

    Gifts of the Maple-Learn about the process of making maple syrup from start to finish, hike to the sugarbush, view sap boiling, and taste fresh syrup. No reservations are needed. 3pm-4pm; cost is free
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  • I have a friend who regularly applies for medical grants, and with a decent success rate. I'll ask her if she thinks she can help you, and if so, I'll send you her email.
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