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Food Issues - He´s not a Toddler!

  • I love my husband, but lately his eating habits have been driving me bonkers. He doesn´t like anything I make and it´s to the point that I don´t even enjoy cooking anymore because neither he nor my 2 year old will eat anything I make.

    He doesn´t like sandwiches, pasta, soups, or rice. Basically, if a meal has meat in it, that is ok, but it can´t be chopped up meat or ground. It has to be big slabs. Which I obviously can´t give him every day, it would cost a fortune!

    The worst part is that he will take our older son (2) out after they´ve not eaten a meal, and eat somewhere else. Today I told him that I give up and I am not cooking anymore, so he says, "fine, I won´t eat then." :S

    What am I supposed to do about this? It´s driving me crazy! I used to love cooking and now only I eat the food I make and that´s not fun at all! Any ideas?
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  • Honestly? I think what you should do is make whatever you plan to make, and, if he doesn't want to eat it, fine, he can make something else -- he's an adult, it's his prerogative. But if it's at all possible, he shouldn't take the children to eat elsewhere -- it sets a really bad precedent, for one thing, and for another, it undermines your authority.

    A more diplomatic suggestion: Can you do the "Big Slab of Meat" thing once a week or so, as a compromise? And for the other days, he has to suggest a reasonable compromise?
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  • If he is so unhappy with the meals that you chose to make, then ask him to be a bigger part of planning the meals for the week. Sit him down and have him make suggestions for things he would like to have for dinner that week. Have him do this while you are making out your grocery list.

    Try also buying the slabs of meat in bulk, if possible, so that you have them on hand. Buying in bulk is cheaper and if you have the freezer room you can store the meat, often in a marinade for easy meals.

    Explain to your husband that taking your son out to eat instead of encouraging him to try the food that you make is not setting a good example. He needs to encourage your 2yr old to eat different foods, even if he does not like to eat them himself in order to for your son to develop a balanced taste of foods.

    See if you can get him to understand that you are willing to work with him on meals, but he has to meet you halfway and with the cost of eating out getting to be so expensive eating at home is much cheaper!
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  • heh maybe it's the moon? hubby and i were having the same argument this week! i dont cook meat and he knew that when he married me and generally it isnt a problem, so *phew* on that one!

    I agree with Debbie - i finally asked him to tell me what he DID want instead of telling me what he didnt like in vague terms like 'why do we always have to eat weird food' and we found out that basically, he likes my cooking, just wants more input and variety! so we had 'mexican' night with build your own barritos - huge hit!

    maybe there are some ways your hubby would like some ground/shredded meat in a type of meal? how do you have a slab of meat with speghetti? lol maybe meatballs? meat loaf? ways to use cheaper cuts but he can still get a big ol' portion of meat?

    as for taking the kid out WITH HIM! i would be furious - i think he should consider himself lucky to still be married LOL
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