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  • What do you do about your spouse's snoring? I am a very light sleeper and my husband snores like a buzz saw. The nose strips don't work. Neither do ear plugs for me. Any suggestions would be appreciated-thanks!
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  • I snore like you wouldn't believe. Or like I wouldn't believe, except that I know that I do it...

    I bought my oh-so-tolerant-of-my-snorking-and-snoring husband a flat speaker that's about 3 inches wide and slides under his pillow. He listens to the BBC and NPR instead of my snorking...

    Radio shack has one for about $8. Here's the link: =&kw=pillow%20speaker&origkw=pillow%20speaker&sr=1
  • Oh I feel you!! I am a light sleeper too! Have you talked to a doctor? Its a common problem and I am sure they would have good advice.

    Here are some sites I found.
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  • Let us know if anything works for you. Sometimes my husband wakes up both me and babyjama...that's when I get mad (even though I know he can't help it).
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  • I crawl into bed with Pidge when hubby's snoring gets bad.

    Can you see any pattern in the snoring? My husband snores when he's sick or very tired. And it's constant. No waiting 30 minutes for him to move into another sleep phase.
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  • Thanks for the suggestions! Some of the items look promising. I have a sound machine, but I have to turn it up too loud to drown out his snoring. I suspect he has a deviated septum, but he doesn't want to have surgery-can't say I blame him. He seems to snore any time he is sleeping. All 3 of us start out sleeping together, but around 2:00 am I have to leave to get some sleep. I will let you know what I find.
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  • After doing some looking, we decided to try the tempurpedic (spelling?) pillow. I hope it helps!
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