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Website Design for Dummies

  • I'm thinking it is about time I set up my own website: nothing fancy, just simple bio info, and a list of skills and services I can offer. Can anyone point me to a resource where I can do this in a simple fashion? I tried doing something thru Yahoo! a long time ago, and I found it impossible to use their site. Any resources like "Creating a Website for the Technochallenged" out there?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by jhmclaughlin on 1st April 2008
  • Hi! I have a great place for you to go.....

    I have hosted with them for over two years now....I now build websites to work with their system....but, it is the most easy, manageable and affordable do-it-yourself service out there, believe me, I've tried almost every one of them!

    If you do sign up, let me know, maybe I can build you a free design so I can add it to my portfolio!
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  • Very interested in this post - I have FrontPage 2003 and have just ordered a couple of books to help me along.

    We had a site designed for our current business, but my new business will require much more regular updates so I'd like to be able to do this myself. Our web designer , who doesn it part time, told me tha I can learn to do this - OKAY . . .

    My biggest drawback is we are on a dial up network - yes I live in the sticks - which is why I bought the FrontPage program vs an on-line system.
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  • I am a total technophob? (sp?) but even I could not screw this one up. I have actually made quite a few sites from sell you a domain for $1.99 and then you can host for $5 a month...for a few dollars more you can use their website tonight program which is an easy point and click thing where you pick a template and then type in what you want...I then graduated to picking out a template on and paid a guy $100 to put stuff on it for me. The final result was really great and I am proud of it...check it and you will see what I me if you have trouble with website tonight because I am pretty good at it after using it for a few years...xo!
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