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Friends and Saving

  • How do you manage to spend time with friends without spending a bunch of money? Now that we have babyjama, it's easier for people to understand when we say we can't go out...little do they know that we're just being frugal. But there has to be a better way to do this. It seems like a lot of times we just don't end up seeing our friends. I've tried suggesting that we go to the park, or that people hang out at our house, but those plans always seem to get canceled at the last minute. How do you stay frugal and still have a social life?
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  • Mamajama

    Try attaching some sort of "theme" to the nights you invite friends to "hang out" at your house. A theme seems to attach kind of a party atmosphere. Most of our friends have kids the same age as ours, so it's a party for them too. We have game game nights, where everyone brings a favorite board game, or Poker nights ($5 per person, nothing outrageous!) and bonfires. Also, our lives revolve mostly around Ohio State sporting events, so it's hard to escape the theme there, but sporting events always attract a crowd.
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  • How about holding an old-fashioned potluck? Or you could try setting up a picnic at the beach or park . . . it might be less likely to be canceled if food is involved.

    I don´t really have friends anymore, but before she moved away, my best friend was just as frugal as I was, so we would hit parks and alternate houses and once in a while, we´d take the kids out and get a cheap special at the local chicken fast food place, while the kids ate chunks of fruit that we brought along!
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  • I invite my friends to a walking party...we laugh and walk and look out for snakes...
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  • I live in the high desert of california and am terrified of snakes -- everyone laughs at me as I jump at every stick or bush...but it is fun...we get lots of cost...and we feel better physically...xoxo
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  • Why not just fess up and tell them you're trying to save money? Something everyone can relate to with all the talk of recession and you having a child and all. Chances are, you aren't the only one to feel that way. You still want to see them. You're happy to host. Perhaps even happy to cook the main if everyone brings a side. Or "bring something to grill and something to share" once grilling season starts. Maybe suggest one night out a quarter and the rest of the time you stay in. Try and get a regular thing going. Like Kimm suggests, Game night at the Jama's on Fridays. You can have fun hitting garage sales for old and odd board games. Make it a challenge.

    April 15th is coming up. Have a Tax Day party and pledge to get together more often and more frugally. Good luck!
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  • Host a Potluck. That way you can spend time with friends, eat a good meal and save money, since everyone brings a dish. We've even tried a new take on the potluck: a tacoluck, where everyone brings a different ingredient - the kids love it. Here's an easy to copy template for a potluck from Center'd.
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