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Just poppin in to say hello!

  • Hey ladies! Just joined the community and wanted to introduce myself! The name is Kadi Prescott. I'm a mom of seven, blogger, freelance writer, wine drinker, dancer (no, not exotic) and lover of life. Oh... I'm also a big talker. Glad to meet you all!
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  • Hi Kadi, welcome~ I am earthmama...I am married to a great guy, live in MN, have beautiful 2 kids, 2 naughty siberian huskies and 2 goldfish that absolutely refuse to go on to fish heaven...I work in pt in IT outside the home, and attempt to freelance write and own an online business from my home.

    I look forward to chatting with you. Back to work for me! ta ta!


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  • Hi, Kadi -- welcome! Glad you found us!
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  • Hi Kadi,

    I'm caramelsugarberry. Welcome. I'm currently a SAHM who is "under construction" (laugh). I'm reinventing myself right now. I'm probably logged in as the first medical school drop out, but I've got 4 children and lucky to have a good husband who is helping me rediscover and redirect my talents I'm also in the process of writing a book about relationships.

    I blog alot and offer up my varied opinions and diverse experiences (only when it can truly help, I promise.)

    I'm usually over in the Q&A corner asking questions and giving answers to some of life's most urgent issues (smile). When I'm not there I'm usually blogging on my website. Check out my profile. Look forward to seeing you around. Workitmom. com is a great place with alot of great ladies on board.
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  • Hi Kadi,

    I'm Diane a new mom of an 8 month old little boy that we recently adopted. We all live in New York. It' nice to meet you.
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  • Hi Kadi! I'm going to have to jump over and read your blog. Welcome!
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