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Business trips -- how often do you go?

  • Do you travel for work frequently or is it rare for you? Reading about Mir's business trip guilt -- and having my own this week, since I am at Blogher Business in NYC -- made me curious about how often we all travel for work.
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  • I travel 2-3 time a month, max, and I have an unwritten rule right now of no more than 2 nights away, until my son gets a little older. Since becoming a mommy, I'm much more likely to travel early/late flights to maximize my time at home.
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  • In average about 2 business trips/month. Too much already, but I can manage this if each trip does not involve more than 1 night.
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  • I travel almost every week. During my busy months, I try to have one week home and one week away. Although it's not fun leaving my 18 mo old, my job also allows me to have flexible time since when I'm home, my office is at home. For example, I can take the entire week of her birthday off or the entire month of December off by just not scheduling it and I don't have to take sick days. I'm on salary so it doesn't hurt my income. I choose my schedule and there are times when I wish I didn't travel and yet other times the trips give me a needed break.

    I know it isn't for everyone, but I'd love to connect with other moms who travel and it works for them (and their AMAZING husband).
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  • About every other month for a week.

    I used to be on the road 4 days per week as a consultant for about a year when my daughter was 5 and my son was 2. It killed me and killed my husband.

    I made a huge life change. I down shifted a bit in my career from "rockstar" consulting to corporate citizen. Now my kids call me Mom (my son would call me Daddy) and I have a marriage again.

    Even the every other month is tough, but it is so much better.
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