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What is the purpose of a blog and how do you get people to read it?

  • Is the purpose of a blog to generate comments? If so, how do you accomplish that? Do you have to blog regularly? What is regularly? Do you ask questions to start discussions?

    I'm sure appearance must have something to do with it. I spent the whole day trying to make my blog more appealing visually. Before today it was like the woman with bright red lipstick on her teeth that nobody bothered to tell her about. My blog looked awful! Hopefully it is better now. (somebody please tell me if I still have lipstick on my teethURL

    Or is it truly just content? or labels?
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  • Hi there...

    Well, your off to a good start... I read what you wrote.
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  • I have a blog at gets about 4000 readers a month. I don't konw a lot about blogging but I do know I am doing something right. You need to blog regularly. I don't worry about comments...some are nice some are not. If you use wordpress...check the wordpress stats and you can see who and how many are reading. I use a blog to share helpful information with women. We don't sell anything there and we just do it as a public service. Our moms who work for us like to show their friends and family too.
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  • Let me know where your blog is and I will look at it! xoxo
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  • Sandra my blog is at It is a hard balance between useful information and advertising for me. My service is a children's prouducts recall notification. Should I stick with recall discussions in my blog?
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  • Wow Sandra when you say post regularly - you really mean regularly! I was just at your blog and saw several posts in the same day.

    Your blog is great with helpful info for women which is a natural outreach of the service you provide. I seem to be stuck blogging about toy and baby product recalls. I can't seem to think of a broader topic to blog on which might generate more blogging ideas.

    Plus how did you get to 4000 viewers? Did you ever advertise or is it just your business customers who then go look at your blog?

    Thanks for your info.
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  • I post less frequently and most of mine is just personal stuff and product/ store reviews.

    Everyone's blog is different. I don't have many regular readers, they come in bursts. Sometimes I have like 0-2 comments or like 10-20. I expect that since I don't update it every single day though. I try to get involved with 'blogosphere' events which turn out to be fun.

    Your blog is more focuses on one thing so I think I'd keep that focused. You might want to make a second blog for personal use if you'd have other things to share.
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  • Bizymoms' newest feature is the Bizymoms Blog Network You can add your blog at no cost and gain exposure to a large mom audience.
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  • The goal with a blog is to provide advice about a specific field and present yourself as an expert in that field. So in addition to recall updates, you could add tips and recommendations about purchasing safe toys, checking labels, which websites to go to for ratings and safety reviews, etc.
    My blog is about the au pair program and I try to mix both tips and program updates:
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  • My blog is an offshoot of my podcast 'The Because Show' that I produce. We have four working moms joining forces to record each week, talking about 'the balancing act' or work, kids, family, life. But they often digress into funny and surprising stories, product reviews and random musings. So, my blog works in conjunction with that!
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