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For Every Mom Who's Ever Been Asked, What Do You Do?

  • I just joined but wanted to say that I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone. I already see I have in common AutismMom (I don't have a child on the spectrum but I volunteer every year for the Georgia Walk -- coming up this Saturday! and other special needs programs in my area) and of course, all "working moms." I always thought that term was redundant -- aren't ALL moms working moms? -- so I wrote an essay about it. Am I allowed to link here? If so, any time you are feeling down about "am I "just" a mom?" please read this because it's written with love and respect: I hope to write here, for us, too!
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  • Great! I loved it! Thanks for sharing. My favorite part was the end-

    "I love. I encourage. I support. I build. I grow. I engage.

    I laugh. I dance. I listen. I teach. I learn. I hope. I nurture. I heal. I plan. I dream. I set limits. I adore. I cook. I clean. I play. I save. I fix. I read. I count. I color. I help. I garden. I weed. I schedule. I think. I do. I swing. I swim. I climb.

    I stretch. I seek. I hide. I discover. I connect. I help.

    I sympathize. I understand. I befriend. I inspire. I guide.

    I follow. I go. I rest. I breath. I manage. I explore. I pretend. I believe. I make a difference. I raise a child. "

    You have a very nice blog, great work!
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  • Thank you! I always need to remember "I breathe."
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  • Welcome, Gr8tful mom! Thanks for the link (and the reminder about the important work we all do)!
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