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He's coming around

  • My husband and I moved into this house when I was pregnant and about to burst. I did a lot of the packing to move here, but when we got here my midwife wanted me to keep my feet elevated, so my husband and family did a lot of the unpacking. Fast forward 10 months, and you have a house that was not well organized in the beginning, and now has piles of stuff...everywhere. It drives me crazy on a daily basis. I honestly can't take on a project this big on my own. In the past my husband has been very resistant to working on things around the house. He likes to relax in his spare time. So he will do the dishes, or laundry, but if I ask him to help me organize the cabinets that they go in...forget it. Another problem has been that he has ton of stuff.

    I don't know what changed, but he has come around this week. I didn't nag him I swear! We are on an organizing war path. We switched some of the rooms around, and we're organizing all the closets to give everything a home...and the stuff that doesn't have a home....bye bye. It's sooo nice to have him on board. Just had to share with all of you. How are your other halves in this area?
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  • haha! sounds like my husband!! sometimes just watching me try to live with crazy clutter will get him motivated to change it so that he can make me happy - as long as i havent been nagging about it!

    Plus when it is clean and organized it feels SOOOOOO GOOD!!! Since we have been through this process a few times now, hubby is easier to motivate into doing it again when things get out of hand. he is just slobby by nature so we have to go through this often LOL luckily our son seems to like things JUST SO and makes sure to put his toys back and does not let either of us get away with a jacked on the couch or phone off the charger hehehe nice to have a neat freak kiddo ;)
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