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How Many Clothes?

  • For those of you with older kids: 5 and up. How many tops and bottoms do you try and stock for a season?

    My rule of thumb has been 10 of each plus dresses. And that worked well for the preschool years. But this fall it seemed like we had a lot that didn't get worn. And I'm not sure if I over bought or if Pidge is wearing only her favorites or if she's just a cleaner kid these days. I _know_ I'm not doing laundry any more frequently. I'm going to try and do a count here as I gather up the fall things. But it feels like she's got a ton already for this season as well. I've got one more consignment sale to go this season and I've got a pretty short list of needs. I'm going to have to resist buying anything I don't need.
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