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Does your JOB in a similar field your BUSINESS?

  • I know that there are many of us who have a job and a business. I am curious to see if your job is in a similiar field as your business.

    For me, my business is magazine publishing and my job is education financing(student loans). At first glance they do not look related. They are not related in terms of industry but it is related in the skills that they require. I spend 15 years in the student loans/education financing industry before I quit to start my parenting magazine business. It was great to start something completely new - make something out of nothing. This job opportunity came up in the student loan industry a year and half after I started my magazine (Feb 2008) and I had to take it, because it about creating a student loan business in a whole new way - again starting something out of nothing.
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  • Hello. I work full time in Accounting. My business is in the Health & Wellness Industry.

    Needless to say, the two are not related.

    But some of the business skills are very helpful in the home business.

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  • Wow! How did you get into the Health and Wellness business??
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  • I am a software consultant who finds herself writing more than programming. Something I hope to correct.

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