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  • Hi Everyone,

    I always wanted to have my own site and hopefully someday my own business. However, I never had time since i headed up Human Resources and Risk Management for a Large non-profit. Once i had my daughter I became a sahm. After a few consulting jobs and time on my hands (she was a great baby) I decided to start a web site for parents. That quickly evolved to parenting resources and gifts (because with only one salary i needed to pay for my new adventure) I love my site and i wish i would have started it alot sooner. I love meeting new people and networking. I still have tons of plans for my site and am still making additions
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  • Hi girls,

    I was driving home one night from work with my 3 month old and my almost 3 year old in their carseats. My office kept calling me on the phone and when my boss called and started ranting -- it started to rain. The roads were slick and we live up a huge mountain so I was going carefully trying not to crash. My almost 3 year old son was crying and calling for me -- and I kept shushing him. When I finally looked back he had blood all over his face and shirt. He had a bad nose bleed and was trying to tell me.

    I pulled over on this dark rainy canyon at 8 at night after working and driving for 10 hours and thought to my self. This is INSANE! I am INSANE for doing this. My kid is bleeding, I am soaking wet in the cold and dark -- for what? To be told over and over that I need to be in the office more?

    After 15 years in the same job, I quit. I quit that Monday - worked out my 6-week notice (I was an executive) and suddenly I was free.

    I started my own business because I was free to, I needed to, I wanted to and I wanted to create the life I have always wanted for myself and my family. I invite you all to, too!
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