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What is Your Best Advice to a New Entrepreneur Mom

  • I am really interested in knowing what you think is the most challenging part of starting or running your own business as an entrepreneur mom - and how you handled it? I read through a lot of your profiles and what gals do is amazing! I own and I started it less than a year ago and I am realizing that there is so much to learn. Any advice?
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  • My two cents:

    Focus, focus, focus -- pick your target audience, your core product, your core message and stick to it -- it takes time but I think focusing is key.

    Don't get down on yourself -- I've found that it's really hard to not take things personally when the business is not going as well as you'd like. But you have to try. Starting a business is really really really hard, and it's going to involve tough times -- what I find challenging and what I work on is to separately my business and my personal reaction to it.

    Network -- and be really open about networking. Meaning -- offer advice and help to others even if you're not sure if they can help you. I've found this so valuable.

    I hope this helps -- and I think your business idea is great and LOVE your site design.
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  • I agree with Nataly. When you are managing your own business you are wearing many hats..its easy to loose focus and try to do everything yourself. But I have learned that sometimes its more feasible to pay someone to do a job that needs to get done rather then you spending hours learning to do something new and doing a mediocre job on it.
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  • Looks like the original post was more than a year ago, so you're probably no longer a new entrepreneur! I just joined today because I wanted to respond to your post. One of the books that helped give me focus and direction when I first started was "Book Yourself Solid" by Michael Port. If you're in any sort of services industry, it really helps ask you those tough questions that you'll need to set direction for your business. Wishing you much success!
  • I am the owner of which is a consulting company that builds online businesses. I am always looking to see what is being posted on the web in terms of starting a new business so that I can better improve our consulting process.

    Although this is an older post, but none the less useful, my best advice would be to find a mentor. Prior to starting, I have owned two other online businesses both with their ups and downs and made my fair share of mistakes. I had many people asking me how I got started and over time just kind of fell into the mentoring role by chance. I decided to take that opportunity and create yet another businesses because there was a need.

    Finding a mentor or looking to those who have gone before you can help you avoid some very costly mistakes. This can save you a lot of time and effort. It is also a good networking tool!

    Best of luck to all of those who want to Rule their life by owning their own business!
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  • You are CEO of your business, so take the lead. Be an extraordinary leader: visionary, strong communicator, decision maker, build rapport with others, motivate and inspire, be willing to take risks, seek both and solutions...but above all: know that you are enough! Hope this helps : )
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  • Don't give up and follow your dreams.
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  • this is a good discussion for anyone who is looking to start their own bis as well as those who have been at it for a couple of years......

    I'm a 3rd generation entrepreneur.... my granny, my mom before me. I started my own biz when I was 25 years old, 10 years later I transitioned into management consultant and worked with biz owners and CEOs. During that time I started a mentor program as well. After early retirement, the universe gave me a new assignment... Manifest Coaching. Affordable Coaching for those who are ready to manifest their heart's desire.

    My best suggestion is to do plenty of research and let your own intuition be the guiding force. Do something that reflect who you are....... your uniqueness, personality, passion. People can feel / sense when you are authentic, and own your power. It draws people / biz to you and it sets you apart from your competition.

    And if you're not entirely sure just who you are...... do some personal discovery work and get some idea. There are plenty of such books to help you with this quest. You are most powerful when you work from your Core Essence.

    Your first session is free. contact me if you would like to look into doing some coaching with me, Sliding scale $25-40 a phone session.

    contact me to find out if you qualify for the Mentor program,
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