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meal time help

  • I have a finicky 9 month old eater on my hands. She will eat anything crunchy-cereal, crackers, veggie chips etc. Not a fan of chicken, fish, pork or pasta really. And she won't eat anything from a spoon. Any suggestions? Thanks!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by ramseyquipp on 16th April 2008
  • My son went through the same thing at 9 months. Once we started introducing solid foods, he wanted nothing to do with the spoon. After weeks of fighting it, we decided to cut up his food and place it directly on his high chair tray (plates or bowls are most certainly tossed overboard). Turns out, he just wanted to be independent and feed himself.

    Whenever my husband would try to place a new food in his mouth saying "try this", Peyton would just close his mouth and turn away or spit it out. We learned that if you don't make a big deal and leave the food in front of him, he tries it. I guess they just like to do things on their own terms. He still (now 13 months old) prefers the crunchier foods but will eat chicken, fish sticks and pasta as long as we don't fuss over him.

    Good luck. It will get better. You just have to keep introducing the same items over and over and eventually they will stick.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by peytonjacksmama on 16th April 2008
  • Thanks! Did you have any concern about him losing weight? Did he drink more from a bottle?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by ramseyquipp on 16th April 2008

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