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  • I've taken quite a few leaps in my 47 years. I became a medical technologist right after high school, a job I worked and HATED for 10 years. One day, a doctor I was working for asked me to bring him a cup of coffee. As far as I know, he's still standing there waiting for it. I walked out and on to the campus of University of Maryland and signed up for journalism college.

    A few years after I graduated and started working for the Associated Press, a bureau chief made my life so incredibly miserable. I loved being a reporter. Hated this particular job. One day I came in and found she had yet another complaint. I told her that was it. I was done. I left and drove to the beach, where I stayed a week. A month later I got a job with a small newsletter covering the environment....and a year after that, I was covering the White House for a news service. That never would have happened if I had not walked out on AP when I did.

    Then last year, I needed a change..something to boost my I started making soap and bath products. Now, I'm doing spa shows, have a shiny new logo and will be advertising in a major regional magazine starting next week.

    So lots of leaps and lots of life lessons. Leaping can be very, very good.
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  • Congratulations... Can't wait to hear about your spa line!
  • I would love to know more about your spa line!
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