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When do you work?

  • What works at your house? Do you somehow keep the kids entertained during the day while you work? Do you work late at night? Early in the morning? During kiddo naps? When your spouse is home? On weekends? For me the answer is all of the above. I take what I can get and run with it. Any tips to get some extra time logged in at work?
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  • I work full-time out of the home and manage my business b/w the office and in the evenings when the kids have gone to sleep. It is not easy, but for now it is the only option to get the business off the ground. I am very fortunate to have a supportive and understanding husband.


    Gemini Greetings
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  • I feel like I'm rarely ever NOT working... if it's not paid work, then it's housework. It never really stops.
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  • It's 10:30pm, everyone is asleep- and I'm working. Go figure?
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  • 9am-3pm are my best times becasue the kids are at school. When they are home I would much rather spend fun time with them.
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  • I work throughout the day. There is so much to do and I am constantly distracted by the kids and having to feed people. Luckily my husband does most of the cleaning and he also watches the boys a lot of the time, but since I work in the kitchen, that means everyone is right there with me. :S My most productive times are late at night or when the baby is napping and the toddler is outside playing.

    We´re building a bathroom right now and there will be an office above it for me. That ought to help a lot. Right now, I´m trying to work while my husband watches E.R. and my toddler wants me to help him with a puzzle. . . the baby is sleeping, but he is always hanging off my desk, trying to grab stuff and unplugging my internet. An office will be a welcome change!
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  • I try to get into work first thing in the morning... I get the kids off to school and then tackle it. The problem is my youngest is home with me and she wants attention. Lately I feel like we are relying on too much TV. She often sits next to me while I am on the laptop... we snuggle under my cozy blanket and she watches Dora or climbs all over me and walks on my laptop. Bringing someone in to entertain her isn't an option at this stage nor is putting her in daycare. I think in the fall we will opt for a 2 or 3 day a week preschool program to at least free up a couple hours for my work. I am really working on putting my laptop down when she needs me or wants a snuggle... it is so easy to only give her half my attention while I am working and that is showing in her behavior. I may have to start working in the middle of the night!
  • When my husband comes home I work. We have dinner and then he takes the baby for the rest of the evening so I can work. I also work on the weekends. Sometimes I try and squeeze some work in when the baby naps during the day, but usually I try and take a shower at that time.
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  • I work here and there, whenever I get a spare moment. Usually when the kids are asleep, early in the morning and late at night.
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  • I'm a full time working mom outside the home - I'm educated with career, a hubby and two darling children -

    I just don't know what we are gonna do - He just lost his job and we used to pull well over 100K yearly - but without his salary - we don't anymore -

    I've gotten so creative over the last two years since he lost his job -

    I've been able to clip coupons and save lots of money on milk - cereal/soap/detergent - you name it - It's saving us money - including all our utilities -

    We get bread on heavy discount from the thrift store or for free at the salvation army bread and food pantry -

    Just walk in, they don't need to know your name - they will give you day old bread/pies/etc.

    I dress up in suits and I clean and do all the cooking - Glad I found this blog - I need to vent lots - If my coworkers knew our living situation on how much we do without and how much we buck they system in order to survive, they'd be shocked - From the outside, we look real good - we're blessed overall and I thank God love in our marriage and household. My children get plenty and don't know the difference and sacrifices we've had to make as a couple.

    Anyone with a story like mine?

    working mama in the northwest
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