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Moms Who Took The Leap

  • Well first off it is not an easy thing to do, especially, when you have a two income family, then it cuts to one. It is a huge step. I stayed at home for a year with my last child. My son AJ. I have two other children, but the option to stay home and raise them at that time was not one. I noticed real soon that it was hard taking care of a newborn and a 1 1/2yr old, and a toddler. I sometimes never wanted to get out of bed. That was several years ago, I somehow made it. Today, my oldest is 11 and will be graduating in a few weeks from 6th grade. I am so proud of her.

    All it takes is a lot of patience, time, perserverance abd a whole lot of TYLENOL. lol
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  • I am considering this. We are expecting baby #3 in August. Our oldest will be starting school. I look forward to reading the opinions here.

    Great topic!
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  • I don't know if you could say I took the leap or it just happened that way. I had lost my last job due to a reconstructure, then found out I was pregnant. And it just happened that I didn't look for work after our son was born. It was tough to start with, but we survived. Then I found out I was pregnant with our daughter. We've had our ups and downs, but we're still kicking. And I've started my own business too. Not necessarily to make a complete living with, but more to just help out, and because it's something I enjoy doing.
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  • Hey ladies - I wish I could take the leap - I wish I could just walk away after 18 years with my career - IT's been lucrative - I have two children - very young -and collectively thus far, we've paid well over 60k in childcare - geeeze - isn't that a trip?

    Without family out here, we've had to rely on ritzy, over priced care facilities for our children -

    I wish I could just walk away, but my family depends on my great medical benefits, etc. and especially the salary - and let's not forget the retirement benes...

    Jobs are a blessing - But my work and doublduty as a mom is terrific -

    I often say that I leave work to go to work - I cook wholesome meals everyday - I'm always making a meal plan - easy to do menus that are healthy and wholesome - That's the great part - the cleaning is okay - and hubby, who doesn't work, does dishes - and that's it - bathrooms/bedrooms/laundry left up to me -

    I'm tired - anyone else out there tired too? I closet-envy girlfriends who lay up and have it easy and their hubbys bring in the bacon --- so special.

    I feel I can't relate to them at all --- I end up ptalking 'shop and biz' with their hubbys and sometimes I feel I can relate to them more -

    eventhough everyone has kids - and oh, did I mention I have a biz too?

    wooo - somebody talk to me! ha ha ha lol!
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    I am a working mom with three kids ages 2 1/2 and younger. My twins are the eldest and I have a 16 month old daughter all in daycare. It is super expensive, but I am just not fit to be a stay at home mom with toddlers. I stayed home with the twins during my pregnancy with baby girl, and I couldn't wait to get back in the business world. I missed networking and getting out and connecting with others, even if it was about the kids or a business deal.

    After a whirl-wind of a year in 2007, in my early days of recovery from major depression and a hysterectomy, a surge of energy & passion overcame me to start taking steps toward making my dream a reality. I read books, researched articles on the internet and started my business plan. I knew that if I wanted anyone to take me seriously, a business plan would be necessary. Just as I was completing my recovery from surgery, I found a new job, closer to home and less stress, so I felt like I had a fresh start with my renewed energy and view on life. I was in a very dark place and the sight of sunshine was such a nice change for me.

    My husband was supportive of my idea. With out his support, I could not be doing this venture. I also sought out others I knew were women entrepreneurs to find out how they did it and what they would do differently. I talk to everyone about what I am doing, because you never who has resources to assist you. Whether it be a tip, discount on something or exposure, you just never know. My husband gets a little aggravated with me b/c I am always working. I know, I know...there should be a line drawn, but if I'm out shopping and the situation or discussion lends to a comment about business or resources, I will tend to ask or tell about my business.

    I officially began selling cards in January of this year and just added mothers day and fathers day cards to my website. In my four months of being open, I am already noticing a shift in who I thought would be main customer base or focus on marketing. You have to be flexible and realize that the only constant is change.

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