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Start thinking about May Goals!

  • Yes, I'm guilty of it too. But let's try and start that goal oriented fervor back up as we head into the middle months of the year. Now, what do you want to work on in the Month of May?

    I still haven't decided yet. hmmm...
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 21st April 2008
  • Okay, I am trying to get back into walking briskly more often. I would like to say "every day" (as in my pre-motherhood days), but I'm not that deluded about what I have time for. What I am aiming for is to get out more than I have been the last few months. I really miss the meditation time, and my body sorely misses the exercise...
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 6th May 2008
  • [b]Well I have a fun business goal of enhancing 5 lives and personally I would like to lose 5 pounds and get my 2 year old potty trained!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by momof2beauties on 6th May 2008

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