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Favorite part of working outside the home?

  • Working outside the home has it's disadvantages - but it also has advantages! What are some of the best parts of working outside the home?

    for me - it's the social aspect! i didnt have any meetings today and i could have worked from home, but i chose to come into the office instead. I also dont have laundry staring at me in my cube! on days like today when it is BEAUTIFUL outside and everyone else is out playing - i get SO MUCH accomplished!
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  • I'd have to say the adult interaction and the chance to work without the at-home distractions (laundry, cleaning, cooking -- you know, all that stuff you always tell yourself you "should" be doing because you're at home, after all, even when you're working).
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  • I would definitely agree about the social interaction. I love to see my friends here at work.
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  • I also enjoy the social interaction. I love being able to enjoy a nice lunch with co-workers when it's a slow day in the office.
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  • It's all about the social interaction for me, especially on Fridays. We usually take lunch away from the office and chat about non-work stuff. This is a great time to get advice/support from other working moms.

    I also agree that it's easier to work without the distractions around the house. On the rare occassion that I do work from home, I find myself getting into personal things and forget that I'm supposed to be working.
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  • The fact that it keeps a roof over our heads and food on the table

    I enjoy the social aspect, but for someone with Asperger's Syndrome it's a little different. I am perfectly happy being home alone all the time
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  • I definitely love the social aspect, but I also love being able to (mostly) leave work at the office and not take it all home with me.
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  • i agree! the social aspect is great! even when it's quiet, there are people around and this makes me happy. i dont really know anyone that doesnt work or works from home so if i am home - there is no one to talk to!

    My guilty pleasure is going to lunch out at resturants real resturants with work friends. i love being served and having someone else cook and cleanup! and lunch time you can find good deals so i dont even sweat the cost. though i do try to limit to twice a week as there are a lot more calorie tempting options at those places too! haha!
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  • Definitely the social/collaborative aspect of it. Sometimes I have to put on my blinders and just crank stuff out, but when I need to bounce ideas off someone else, or go over something bigger, it's nice having my co-workers handy to duck in a conference room to talk.

    We use IMs a lot, and in the event someone is working from home it helps keep us all connected.
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  • I like having the separation of home and work where I can focus on one thing at a time. I love that I have help with my daughter in the wonderful women at the daycare she is at. I also really like the fact that my husband has to be a better dad because I need him there. He would always be a great dad, but with our current situation he needs to be more involved, and is.
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