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Seeking Advice on Towns Near Waltham for young family

  • Hi Everyone

    Nataly answered a question for me out in the questions area and pointed me to the group.

    I am considering moving my family to Mass. for a job opportunity. I am looking for some feedback on what it is like to live in the greater Boston area, specifically within close proximity Waltham, Mass. Tell me about town life, real estate madness, public schools, taxes... I am especially interesting in hearing from people who have moved there or moved away- and why, what you liked, what you didn't like.

    I currently live in rural southern Delaware and work remotely as part of a software training team. I write books, do webinars and occasionally travel to client sites, but since I had my son in September I haven't done too much travel. This new job would be a major leap forward for me careerwise, but from a money standpoint I am not so sure.

    On paper, its a big change, but we live somewhere that is very inexpensive. I have great daycare for $115 a week for my 4 year old, and $150 a week for my baby. I have no commuting costs. My husband has a government job with great benefits... Housing, while the locals consider current prices outrageous, you can get a heck of a nice house 4 bedroom, 3000 sqft house for $350K.

    But I do wish we had more culture, more access to a city, more choices for kids activities. Our schools are OK, but not wonderful. We miss snow, but never want to be far from the ocean. So maybe a move is the best?

    Tell me about your daycares, schools... do you feel like you are treading water and can't get ahead or are the taxes and high prices worth every penny?

    Thank you so much for any information you can provide!
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  • Hi Dana.

    I live in Natick, which is relatively close to Waltham. I use a home daycare that is $260 per week. We only have one daughter and she is 10 months old. The housing market is good for buyers. (We were considering moving, but are waiting for the market to rebound.) Everything is expensive. My sister moved to Arizona and she was able to stay at home with her son. If she had stayed in MA, that would not be possible. I work in Boston, so commuting costs are very high (tolls and gas). My husband and I rarely eat out-maybe once a month for lunch and rarely spend money on entertainment. It sounds worse than it is. If I can answer any questions, please let me know.
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